Nov 012010

my hair has been it’s yucky natural brown color for a few months…gross. it’s not a pretty brown at all. it’s not even mousy brown…it’s just shit brown. ha! about two months ago i bought a frosting kit and was planning to put some blond back on my head….but then the whole MS thing happened and the blond got stored away in the cabinet….

today…i felt good enough to come home, put the cute cap on and pull my hair through the 1,538 holes…i was ready, pumped up, psyched about it…. i rush in the door, put the dog outside, put on my old “frosting the hair” t-shirt…smoked one last cigarette before beginning the project….

i open the cabinet, pull out the box… lay everything on the counter….i put the cap on…tug it down nice and snug…tie it in a cute bow under my neck….and start pulling hair through…. i got the top of my head done…. then my arms got numb…shit

ok… no problem i say to myself “self, let’s just mix up the blond crap and comb it through…” sounds good to me! so i pull the cap off my head… get the little mixing tray… – for those of you who have done home frost jobs you know what’s next….pour the packet of noxious powder into the tray and mix in the creme….


holy hell….there’s no powder… my kit has been pilfered! damn powder thiefs!

this has happened to me before. i’m always very careful to buy coloring kits that are sealed…. always. this box was sealed, not bent in any way…. but i’ll be damned…someone has stolen the powder packet outta the box….

so i’m stuck with this brown for another day…. you see, once i get home… i don’t leave again unless it’s a dire emergency…ok, maybe not dire…but there has to be some damn good motivation for me to leave…. it’s 5:15…horrible traffic. not gonna fight that for some blond. not today….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I always get my husband to do my highlights… He does a great job and there is something kind of nice about a man playin’ with your hair… You think Coach would be game?

    • oh coach doesn’t mind helping me out at all… he’s pulled my hair thru the cap on occasion. the only issue right now is football…. you know, that comes before anything else ha! so he doesn’t have much time…. such is life (i bought an all over blond kit today…worked out alright)

  2. Hey Sherri,
    Doing the frosting today? Good luck. Love your new blog look.

    • Thanks! I love the new look too…. it’s taken me so long to settle on something ha!

      I just went to the store and brought the kit so I can do my hair when I get off work…. let’s pray for the burst of energy like I had yesterday!!

  3. Hiya…sounds like a day from my life Sherri..I kind of just go with them now ha ha!

    Let us know if you manage to get out and manage to get the blond tones into your hair. Hope today is a better day for you ♥

  4. I haven’t frosted or colored for decades. Now I know why 😉
    And, my gray streaks can pass for frost. Right?

    • sometimes i wish for the grey streaks… i want that pretty silver/grey hair!! frosting is such a pain in the butt

  5. Grrrrrr…. so frustrating.

  6. Well, that’s a bummer! I don’t frost my hair, but I color it and that would really make me mad to get ready to color it and one of the ingredients be missing. I guess I will check it from now……just in case.

    • the more i think about it…the more grateful i am that my arms didn’t hold up…if i would’ve spent an hour pulling through hair and then found out? oh man! that wouldn’t have been very nice ha

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