Jan 192014

….that’s the only explanation for what has been happening for the past 3 days. Holy cow.

Most of my life I have been incredibly fortunate in that I really haven’t been sick much. I mean, I certainly got a doosey of sick when the MS showed up…but I’m talking about flu and pneumonia and stomach flu (aka gastroenteritis). I think the last time I had the stomach flu, I was about 13 years old, give or take. I remember it quite clearly. We were driving to Waller with my Dad in his champagne colored Cougar that had a dark brown landau roof. The interior was roomie and plush. I was in the backseat. I was wearing one of my favorite pairs of pants… they were salmon colored bell bottoms made of brushed denim. As we were driving along, I started feeling a bit queasy. Dad pulled over and I puked and shat myself in such an ungodly manner. Unbelievable. I spent the entire weekend in bed shitting and puking in the home of the friend’s we had gone to visit. My soiled clothes were living in a brown paper grocery bag (remember those?)…

That was the last time I remember being sick with the stomach flu.

Until this weekend.

It started Friday around lunch time. And it’s still here with me now. It has been an awful 3 days. And I fear it’s not quite over. I’ve spent so much time in bed my body doesn’t know how to sit up…and it hurts. My word my back is so painful! I’ve been sipping Sprite and water in an attempt to stay hydrated. I’ve had a handful of Cheerios here & there.

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling somewhat better. My belly wasn’t upside down so I thought some toast might be a good idea. Boy was I wrong. It was like starting all over again. I can’t remember being so miserable.

And then add MS into the mix… ugh. Just ugh.

Coach has been great. He’s done all the laundry, all the grocery shopping, filled my car with gas & washed it, mowed the grass…. And he’s checked on me just the right amount. I love that man.

On the upside…. I’ve dropped 6 pounds.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  7 Responses to “Something inside me has died”

  1. I hope today finds you healed from the nastiness.

  2. You poor thing! Sounds horrible…

  3. Well you are better today!!!!
    I do my best to take care of you….
    I do like the upside, too…

  4. It sounds like Norovirus, not flu. And I am most heartily sorry and sympathetic, it nearly killed me last year. No exaggeration. (((hugs)) hope you’re better soon!!!

  5. Not fair. Get better v soon.

  6. Feel better soon, Sherri!

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