Aug 112011

hard to believe that summer break is about over… not that summer is anywhere near being over around here… just checked the 10 day forecast… still no relief in temps and no rain in sight… i’ve been praying to all the saints and angels, Jesus, and God, and all those who have moved on before me…. rain! please send us some rain!

school starts in 11 days… dang…  of course for coach, there is no true summer break. they work all summer long… strength camp and then right into two-a-days… bless his heart… officially practice began last week… they had a scrimmage this past saturday… and another this coming saturday…

the teachers are all in training this week and next… including coaches… so yesterday, practice didn’t begin til 4 in the PM…. coach didn’t get home til almost 11 in the PM… he’s whooped….

while he was gone, i drew him a little something… playing with letters and line art still… i didn’t know if he would like it or not but it’s good practice for me….


something for coach

turns out that he does like it! and he made mention of putting it up in his classroom somewhere…. neat! speaking of classrooms, he is no longer in special ed, at least this year. he is going to be what we all think of as coach/teachers…. a health teacher! woot! he’s very good at health… knows his shit….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  2 Responses to “something for coach”

  1. Of course Coach loved it. It is beautiful. You are lucky to have Coach, but he is also very lucky to share his life with you. You did this work of glory with pain in your eye? Wow!

  2. Go Coach! What a super guy you have been blessed with! Well, we get what we deserve, right?
    Beautiful art, Sherri. Your new designs with the letters – how did that evolve? – it’s so skillful and perfect. Where did you learn it?

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