Oct 142011

there are some things that i simply have to question in this world… they just make no sense to me whatsoever… and i know you are probably thinking about how i’m going to get all deep and ethereal here…but that is not the case at all… i swear!

  • bacon ranch crickets
  • sour cream and onion crickets
  • gum that smells of patchouli

these are things i just don’t get… okay, the patchouli thing i’m good with… real good with in fact… patchouli is my all time favorite scent… i wear it almost daily… i.love.the.stuff

and most people who have been around me for any period of time think of me when they smell patchouli somewhere… awww, ain’t that nice? kinda like i’m leaving my mark ha!

monday night is fast approaching! and i’m very excited about that… you see, that is the night of the big show!  the benefit concert for fire relief … willie nelson, asleep at the wheel, george strait, dixie chicks, lyle lovett, joe satriani, eric johnson… and oh so many more!

man i’m going to be in absolute music freakin heaven

and i may or may not be doing something akin to this:

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “some things simply must be questioned”

  1. i cannot live without Patchouli. It’s been my fav since I was 16 (& and that was way long ago). But in gum……?

    Wow. what a concert. I bet you were lookin’ like that little yellow critter.
    bout the edible underwear – oh so gross . . .

  2. Chocolate covered ants, edible underwear…

    Enjoy the concert!

  3. Jealous thoughts. But I hope you have a wonderful time at the show duckie.

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