Sep 012012
The varsity game didn’t go as well as the JV & freshman games. We lost… 38-7. Our varsity squad is heavy with sophomores & juniors so they don’t have the size, strength, or experience of the teams we are playing. Taking that into account, we didn’t do too bad really. Most of our players haven’t been on the field during a sold out game under the Friday night lights. It has to be overwhelming until you get used to it.

Horrible pictures but gives you an idea.. the entire stadium was this packed.


I can’t recall being at a high school football game that was so crowded… there was not a single seat left anywhere. I don’t remember the state play-off games being this packed!


Aren’t we precious? Post-game & his face isn’t all scrunched into a losing frown


During the week I’ve helped out a teacher with her computer setup… I think I mentioned that already… anyhow, yesterday I got a call that the IT person is seeking volunteers to help out. I went up to meet him. I will probably volunteer a few hours a week to help him get caught up. As it is at most schools, visitors must check-in at the front office & be issued a visitor’s pass….


I like Cherries

Mother nature teased me once again today….

It sprinkled for about 1.74 minutes… sheesh!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Sorry about the loss, but things will get better! Cute couple!! Did you not get any rain from Isaac?? Enjoy your volunteering, Cherri!

  2. I call that incontinent pigeon rain. Splat, splat and it has gone by. I love your photos, and I particularly love the happy you and Coach.

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