Jan 152011


  • it’s been a few days…. 
  • i’ve been working my arse off…. 14 hour day on thursday and friday
  • i am paying for that shit today
  • so so tired…. ugh
  • and it’s a good day for it…the rain is relentless
  • poor coach! they have a soccer tourney this weekend… he was there all day yesterday and now today too
  • the tourney is in marble falls…. they take two short buses (lots of tasteless jokes could be said but i’m abstaining)… coach drives one and head coach drives the other
  • while i was in dispatch last nite, coach called to report his bus had broken down… holy  hell!
  • that’s what the transportation people said too ha!
  • she said “what are they doing in marble falls on a friday nite in the rain???” she was laughing…
  • then she said “guess they’ll have to get friendly and double up for the ride home” ha
  • now can you see all those boys and two coaches sitting on each others laps for the ride home?
  • me either
  • coach called back a bit later and said he got the bus going….
  • hope they got better buses this morning!
  • they left at 9…he called me around 2:30 and they hadn’t even played yet… first game at 4PM….
  • so they stand out there in the rain… there’s no shelter…. sounds like loads of fun to me!
  • i stayed home….. (no shit!)
  • tomorrow he has football practice… in the rain…. no shelter….
  • i hope he doesn’t get sick…. 
  • dispatching was fun…. i’ve missed it… sort of
  • we didn’t have anything big and crisis like really
  • couple of runaways…. imagine that
  • some fights at the basketball games…. naturally
  • 14 hours in a day is much too long to work…
  • there was a birthday party during the day at my job yesterday
  • i was invited
  • the organizer was going to call and let me know what time to show up
  • i was in the field doing safety audits
  • my boss told her i wasn’t at work… 
  • she was PISSED OFF!
  • i was at work…. got there at 8AM… and he told her i wouldn’t be on duty til 4PM… 
  • my office is about 8 miles away from her… i saw the smoke in the sky when i looked that direction
  • man she was hot!
  • little hispanic woman… 4 ft something, can’t weigh more than 90 pounds (if that) and she is hell on wheels
  • whew
  • someone saved me a piece of cake….was waiting for me when i got to the dispatch center
  • i have to go to the grocery store…. i hate that place… and in the rain it’s even worse…. i don’t want to leave my house
  • but i’m out of diet coke, out of cigarettes
  • oh and i’m out of some food stuff like bread and shit
  • if i had diet coke and smokes, i wouldn’t be going anywhere… i can eat crackers and ramen
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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