Jul 272011

there is absolutely nothing in my boring ass life worth reporting here…. and i don’t mean that in a bad way… boring is good…. i promise… after all the years of drama, running, escaping, indifference… well boring is pretty damned good!

there’s this little tropical thingy going on down in the gulf…. and of course, people panic… not me… i don’t panic… but my job requires that we run around and make sure we have everything ready and set for the word “go” should it happen…. sheltering… that’s my gig during these storms… think katrina and ike… shelters… fun stuff man… and the people are always so nice and appreciative of what we provide them… a roof to sleep under…. (if you can’t see it in my words, they are dripping in sarcasm)

the joy of a shelter

i know that these folks are in distress… really i do know that… but my word…. the abuse that they can dish out to those that are trying to help them out, care for them, help them eat, provide a place for their pets, and on and on and on…. it is incredible…

and then we have the problem of “i forgot to bring diapers for my baby”…. WTF??!! really? you FORGOT to bring diapers…. okay, what about formula…. “oh, i didn’t bring any”…. ok as bad and cruel as this sounds…. not my problem

how in the world does a mother leave her house for who knows how long without taking diapers and formula… i mean, the tike is on her hip right? how do you forget? it is truly beyond me…. truly…

the metro bus stop is right there on the sidewalk… about 50 yards from the shelter… hop a ride on the transit…. go into HEB or WalMart and grab some supplies… no, i’m not going to provide that stuff for you…. oh, what was that? i’m a what? wow….

it is incredible to me really… and we stand and smile, we take the punishment… when it’s all over with, we breathe a sigh of relief and relish in a job well done…. then we get ready for the next time….

so… if you live on the coast… and there’s a chance you will be evacuated, ever…. please remember to bring your personal items with you… a shelter is just that… shelter… nothing more, ¬†nothing less… bring things to entertain your kids, bring your pillows & blankets, and for Pete’s sake…. BRING DIAPERS AND FORMULA!!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Yep, that sounds about like the GIMME GIMME GIMME and do it all for me while I’m a lazy piece of shit society that has been created. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

    Thank you for doing what you can though, even though some of the bastards don’t deserve it. I’m sure there are others that really do. I pray there are others that really do…….

    • there are many who appreciate it… they really do… and even though the others can be so rude, we will do what we do with a smile on our face… ah the joys of public service LOL

  2. Well said!

    • remember all those crazy calls??!! i know you do… it has been shown that people’s actions during crisis are likely to become something extraordinary, different than who they are… but my word!! to be so rude and ungrateful is amazing to me

  3. Yep. And they block the entrance to the office and then get pissed when you want in

  4. Oh yeah!
    If your kid is no longer on the Boob, Bring Formula! If your kid gets bored without TV – Bring a toy! And while you’re at it, Be Grateful for somewhere to go! Fool.

  5. Ouch. What happened to gratitude?
    And it happens here too. Sigh.

    • i would venture to guess that about 60% of the people are grateful… the rest are just pissed because their expectations don’t get met….. and in the word shelter…. there is nothing there that implies food, games, personal items…. go figure

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