May 092011

I know there are many things I was planning to write here…. one would think that in 6 months time I would have taken control of this mind thing and keep a notepad with me… ha! but then I couldn’t call this spot messy could I?
Let me start with the sign I messed up… Mom2 (that’s my new blog name for stepmom since stepmom is sometimes not perceived well… she’s a very cool Mom2) loved her sign… because I made it.. that’s all well and good but I want her to like it because it’s neat too… she said she does… It was propped up amongst her other signs when we left their home last night. I received lots of good feedback about it and it seems that you all and those on Facebook didn’t think it was as bad as I did… I like the idea that it had “motion” much like moms do…. I guess I am just disappointed because it turned out the way it did due to a mess up… live and learn….I have another one that I’m starting tonight… NO SHARPIES! (Thanks Jar!) haha

So Saturday was busy… we drove out to watch Coach’s nephew play some baseball…. I managed to do pretty well even in the heat… sat in the shade and God had the fan turned on so there was a nice breeze….

After the game we did the horse thing, you know, feed & hay… then it was time to come get ready for our night out… we were invited to watch the big fight… let me tell you, that is something that I immensely enjoy…just right up my alley… and something I may choose to do just because…. NOT. But the lady who invited us is a teacher working with Coach and it was nice to be asked so we went… and the evening was alright… good food… lots of folks around… I don’t watch much fighting… I kinda don’t like violence… the idea of sitting and watching to  two (damn spell check) men beat the shit out of one another is beyond my comprehension.. but hey, to each his own…

Sunday we got up and went on to Brenham. We visited with Coach’s mom for a while…she’s in a nursing home… been there for some years… she let me go through her 10 years worth of mail she’s been hoarding and get it organized… that is a major accomplishment! I got her a file box set up with the current years stuff in it and everything else we brought home with us to put in storage… the City of Brenham Fire Marshal will be happy… I’m sure he’ll let me know… he’s a friend of mine… ha

After the nursing home we went out to Dad’s and Mom2’s house… they had cooked up a pot roast, mac & cheese of the homemade variety (yum!), potatoes, carrots, the best rolls EVER… Kiddo and her family came too… we all played and visited… it was such a great afternoon. The little one is talking…. and she’s so funny.. that child makes more faces than any other I’ve been around… I could just sit and watch her… hilarious! The twins were tangling on rocks with me…

Coach and I left later than we had planned… and you know what? Funny how these things happen… I’m grateful we were running late… just outside of Giddings they had Hwy 290 shut down… we sat for more than 30 minutes before finally getting diverted to a back county road… about 2 miles down that road and we were able to get back up on 290. We never saw anything… I figured it must’ve been pretty bad to have 2 miles of 290 shut completely down… and it was. Today I was reading the State EOC sitrep… 18 wheeler collision, one rolled over spilling it’s cargo and catching on fire… holy shit.

While we were waiting in the long ass line of cars to be diverted we were amazed by the number of idiots who were coming up on the grass and shoulder… or riding in the center turn lane… I don’t know where they thought they were going to make it to… idiots… it’s amazing to me…. one guy had a license plate that said “Ten-32” (code for man with a gun)… now I don’t know if I would advertise that unless maybe it was on off duty cop of some sort…

Finally we made it home… a 1.25 hour trip took us just under 3 hours… but it’s okay…we listened to music… we visited…and I naturally entertained Coach with my unbelievable singing talent… and of course there’s nothing like car dancing… I do it often…. I’m sure folks think I’m nuts as they pass by me on the highways and byways of this great state…

Now it’s back to life as usual… work, sleep, work, sleep…. Coach is tired…end of the school year he always gets sort of worn down… bless his little heart

We get to go see Mom next week… didn’t get to spend time with her on mom’s day because she and Dad2 were at a Dental School Reunion… now doesn’t that sounds like a big ol blast? I bet it was more fun than the Saturday night fights….

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