Nov 172015

My humanities course requires I write a personal soliloquy. Oh joy.


noun, plural soliloquies.
1. an utterance or discourse by a person who is talking to himself or herself or is disregardful of our oblivious to any hearers present (often used as a device in drama to disclose a character’s innermost thoughts): Hamlet’s soliloquy begins with “To be or not to be.”.
2. the act of talking while or as if alone.

So here it goes….

The sun rises in the east, so my parents were born

And as the sun sets in the west, so dying

The beautiful purples and oranges, the peaceful feeling of nightfall

My parents exude but I cannot absorb the grace and gentleness of a life nearing end.

There have always been two, and I knew some day there’d be one

And on another day there’d be none. And now there is only one day with none

Fast approaching… rocketing towards me… mere weeks will make me an orphan.

Can an adult be an orphan? Or just a lonely child… an adult parentless child becomes a ragamuffin.

Profound sadness, raging anger…my tears burn hot as grace runs away

My parents are dying, together…. but apart. 40 years divorced now

Together in sickness, yet still apart

Must they die at once, together…and if it must be, what becomes of me?

God calls them home even as I curse him… for stealing them away…

And I pray for forgiveness…and with the next breath curse again


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Heartfelt hugs and oceans of caring.

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