Mar 302011


  • LBJ won the soccer game last night! 
  • and i didn’t have to eat my fingers with anxiety… they sealed it 4-1
  • next up Hendrickson on Thursday night
  • during the game last night a woman spit
  • on the ground
  • right next to my foot
  • gross
  • she was at least in her mid to late 50’s…she simply leaned over and hawked a big wad that resembled an oyster…. barely missing my foot
  • why?
  • i’m helping out in dispatch a few hours this week… requires that i am up at 4:30 and reporting for duty at 6…. oh so early
  • but i get off at 2 and i’m sorta liking that
  • i’m playing coach tonight
  • coach can’t make football practice
  • i get to wear his whistle even
  • look out!
  • i don’t have much else right now…. it’s too early…brain’s not truly working
  • it’s cold! and rainy! what happened?
  • not complaining…..

  •  March 30, 2011
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