Sep 202010

… yep, it’s here again. Can you feel my excitement? I can barely contain myself. I’m sitting here this morning trying to justify getting up, attempting to make my self presentable, and heading off to a job that is less than demeaning. Ok, so the job is not that bad, just some of the people I get to work around.

I’m looking. Eventually the right thing will open up for me. It has to.

Enough of that stuff….

  • I spent my entire weekend working at my second job…now’ I’m beat and broke
  • I hate being a slave to the $. Would much rather be a slave to something a bit more exciting
  • Drivers really scare me… remember, that thing that takes us from point A to point B is a LETHAL WEAPON! Handle it with care!
  • Got to see the grandgirls and the kiddo for a bit. They are just too precious and I really  miss them!
  • The weather is cooling off a bit… thank goodness! Soon I will be able to hide the glory that is me under some sweatshirts…
  • Maxine once said that the best bra ever invented is a sweatshirt ….. haha!
  • I need to go to the doctor.
  • Some things going on with me that are beginning to concern me
  • I shuffle when I walk frequently – someone threatened to get me tennis balls for a walker for my birthday
  • I drop things several times a day – got to get some rubber bumper pads for my phone lest it break on the concrete
  • I have random electrical pains many times a day
  • I have some digestive stuff happening that just isn’t normal
  • I don’t have tremors (whew, that is a good thing)
  • I fall down a lot – yep, a lot! It’s pretty humorous… I fall for no reason…just bam! and my ass is on the floor
  • My hands and lower arms fall asleep many times a day… without even being in a weird, convoluted position… the just get all tingly and numb…
  • I went to webMD and looked up all my symptoms and I don’t like what it told me
  • There are other things that are wrong but I just can’t bring myself to put them here…you may gag and never come back ha!
  • We have our first district football game this week….I hope we do better than the preseason games…
  • We are 0-4 so far…. ugh!
  • The associate pastor from the church we’ve been attending came to the game last Friday.
  • Thought he might bring us the luck of the holy…. nope, not so much.

Well, it’s that time. Time to get out of the comfy clothes… the lounge around the house, I am so cozy, clothes.

Everyone have a fabulous Monday! My mood will improve soon, I promise!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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