May 202011

it is so incredibly early in the morning… well, not that early …but earlier than i am usually up… by an hour… poor me ha! i woke up to a nice little surprise in my email this morning…. the mrs. over at “becoming versed” thought enough of me to pass along one of those blog awards…. thanks!! she is a special woman living a busy life of children and faith… i enjoy reading about what’s going in her world and am in awe of her faith foundation…. anywho, here’s the little award button….

i may or may not be a bit rebellious when it comes to rules… i’m going to post the3 very simple rules that come along with this award but i don’t count on me to follow them:
1. Thank the person who awarded you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 discovered bloggers.

i have managed to thank the person who gave this to me…. the mrs… if you go click on the name of her blog it will take you directly to her… do it…go check out her page…. she’s a neat lady
sharing 7 things about myself… i don’t know what i can share that i haven’t already… i’m pretty much shameless when it comes to writing about me here… i probabaly share more than most of you want to know… let’s see…
  • i used to be a competitive roller skater and LOVED it (was pretty good i think too)
  • my parents gave me the space i needed to become the fabulous person i am today
  • i love my pets… all i’ve had… they are like fur-children not really animals
  • this art stuff is got me really turned on… i would’ve never guessed i could make art like this
  • i may or may not be an impulse shopper ( like at the registers when those little useless goodies are calling out your name while waiting for the cashier to do his/her thing)

how many is that now? remember it’s not even 5am yet….

  • i have been in love with coach for many more years than he or anyone else ever knew… except maybe for my kiddo
  • i’ve known for a long time that there was something wrong with me… many thought i was a hypochondriac, others a fatalist… but alas, that little niggling feeling in the back of my  mind turned out to be right…. i should get a job as a psychic! not….

ok there are my seven things….

as for passing the award along…. it’s running late this morning and i need to get my ass dressed… they would not appreciate me showing up in my current state… i promise….
just know that if you were to click on any of those blogs listed over there to the right you would not be disappointed…. they are all good reads… each and every one of them…some are filled with the humor that keeps me going… some are filled with incredible motivation… some are filled with such adversity that it lifts me up just reading about how they are overcoming and excelling… and still others are filled with beautiful art, friendship and love….
if you see your blog over there at anytime… take this award and use it as your own…. the blogs rotate by the latest updates…so if your blog isn’t there, write a post then come back and check again!! clever eh? ha if i listed everyone all at once there’d be no room for my prose and that would be such a shame  (agree with me here)
thank you to everyone who reads my ramblings around here… i’m amazed that you all stick around for this junk…. but thank you! makes my day to see that you’ve been here …. and when there are comments? woot! i get all excited…. way too excited…. almost too excited i think LOL
have a fab friday!
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