Dec 252012

Here it is… 1:55 in the freakin A.M. and I’m wide awake. Everyone in the house is sleeping but me. Even the damn hamster gave up on his wheel and went to bed for the night. I’m sitting in my granddaughters twin bed, my ass perched atop smiley face sheets.

We are having a wonderful time with my family. I have missed them incredibly. We’ve had loads of time with the grandgirls – they are a hoot & a ½ – lots of time with my daughter and SIL… time with Dad & Jana… it’s really very nice. I’m blessed in so many ways.

But I am no longer a good traveler. I’m an adequate traveler at best. I haven’t slept more than 2 hours at a time since we left home. Thankfully, for whatever reason, the beast has been sleeping. I almost felt “normal” today… I’m not knocking it but I’m sorta waiting for the ball to drop. I figure it will when we hit the road for home. And it will take me weeks to recover I’m guessing.

The day we left home I stepped upon my new friend, the scale, and it said “Good Job! You’ve dropped 20 pounds”… there is no scale here which is a damned good thing. I have eaten more crap in the past few days… oh my. Hopefully I haven’t gained back any of the lost weight but if I have, I’ll just have to drop it again when we get home & back to the old eating routine. It’s just incredibly difficult to eat on the road in a healthy way… and then we arrive and find pies, turkey, hams, candied yams (personal favorite), baked potatoes, green bean casseroles, and so much more. How is a girl to turn her back on all that home cooked with lots of loved yummy goodness? No way!

From the moment we walked out our front door a few days ago, this trip has been an adventure… it seems that all of our road trips are filled with adversity. We conquered and survived with smiles on our faces. And I have great fodder for the ol’ blog here… but those stories will have to wait til the sun is up… there’s even pictures.

Merry Christmas y’all! Glad tidings of peace, joy, and love to each of you & yours.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  5 Responses to “Sleep Eludes Me”

  1. Twenty pounds is incredible – and you deserve a few days off.

  2. Love the photos you posted, and I know you’re treasuring your time with family. My son brought his girlfriend over for dinner. After waking up at her place on Christmas morning. First time he’s ever been somewhere else on Christmas morning. ::sniffle:::

  3. Love the song! Christmas with the family indeed.

  4. I’m not a great traveler either. LOL

    Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Merry Christmas!

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