Aug 172010


Thank you Simple Woman!

I’m trying something new… I really liked this when I was reading and figured it would be a good way to examine the day….

#660000;">Outside my window – is a parking lot… not pretty, not nice, but at least it’s functional. Without it I would have to walk a long distance in the heat… and that is just not acceptable!!

I am thinking – of my mother and praying for her. She is facing surgery and my wish is that she will come through it without difficulty and that she will finally be pain free.

I am thankful for – my family. My Coach, my daughter, grandbabies… my health.. that I woke up this morning and can walk, think, talk, hear… all the things we so often take for granted!

I am wearing – my work clothes (can you say UGLY) – a black golf style shirt with our beautiful logo on it, khaki capris and the best part -I love my tennis shoes, they slip on… no laces!!

I am remembering – what it was like to live alone. Without Coach. It was a time of growing, learning my self-worth, and finding out that I can be completely independent when necessary!

I am going – to remember to hit the grocery store on the way home (we are out of TP and some other essential items)

I am hoping – that I get a raise this year! We normally find out by now if that’s going to happen… our raises come in July or August… no word yet dang it

On my mind – money, lack of money actually

From the learning rooms – this week are talking about gender roles and stratification in one class, in the other we are learning about various art styles (cubism, realism, surrealism, etc)

Noticing that – my jaw really hurts. It was getting better yesterday (I thought) but when I woke this morning, damn!!!

Pondering these words – “Hatred does not come to an end through hatred but can only cease through generosity.” – Jataka Tale

From the kitchen – salad, salad, salad, oh and more salad…exciting eh?

One of my favorite things – music! I adore music….

A few plans for the rest of the week – let’s see… Wednesday is class night, Thursday is football game… Friday no plans yet.. Saturday I will do homework, Sunday church and then visiting with family

#660000;">From my picture journal:
The twins! We took this picture one afternoon at A’s house
  •  August 17, 2010
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