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#660000;">Outside my window -the sun is out.. pretty blue skies.. however, I would prefer to skies heavy with thunder clouds, full of wonderful rain!

I am thinking – about the twins.. they started school today! Kindergarten – amazing that 5 years has gone by already. I know they will do well for they are smart girls, and they will learn the ways of the school world…

I am thankful for – My mom’s recovery! She is doing fabulous… out of the hospital after a total hip replacement.. she’s doing so so good and sounds wonderful. It’s nice to know that her quality of life is going to get so much better and that her pain will soon be gone…

I am wearing – my work clothes (can you say UGLY) – a black golf style shirt with our beautiful logo on it, khaki capris and the best part -I love my tennis shoes, they slip on… no laces!!

I am remembering – a ring that symbolizes my commitment to Coach… even though we have not been married in the church or the courts (we’re common-law for now), my commitment to him is unwavering and true

I am going – to get better at time management! I must! I have too many things that can fall behind too easily… I have to stay on top of my school assignments, the research, the writing… and of course the fun stuff too like my blog, and Blog Frog, and facebook and twitter!

I am hoping – for no hurricanes this year! Well, at least none that cause death & destruction… and none that cause us to open shelters!

On my mind – relationships…. psychology… giving advice… good thing or bad thing? I’m not so sure… I think that when asked, I have good reasoning and sound ideas about things… but I don’t want to give it freely – don’t you hate it when someone offers well-meaning advice when you haven’t asked for it? I do…

From the learning rooms – school is back in session…my office is on a high school campus… craziness returns! damn teenage drivers!

Noticing that – people are crazy! Before noon on the first day of school and already there have been assaults, rapes (almost), accidents, injuries and crazy crazy stuff!!

Pondering these wordsIt is possible to lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs – hmmm

From the kitchen – weight watchers… I’m thinking of starting the program.. in the meantime, tonite it’s beans & rice

One of my favorite things – words… words I love them!

A few plans for the rest of the week – Football, football and football! and of course I have lots of schoolwork to do…


#660000;">From my picture journal:
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it's coach

it's coach!

  •  August 23, 2010
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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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