Dec 132010

we have been spending many saturdays going to the texas high school football playoff games…. it’s fun… i don’t get to sit with coach during many games… puts a new spin on the game when he watches with me…he explains things that my book “football for dummies” can’t ha!

one of my favorite things to watch at a game is the coaches signaling plays… this particular team has two coaches…i called them “the twins”… this video gives an idea of what they were doing but doesn’t truly capture the sight dang it… i laughed everytime they were doing their dance…. these plays were during the second half… during the first half they had matching hats on even! ha! cute guys….

they had similar arm motions… and they walked together…forwards, backwards, side to side…. hence, “the dance”

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “signaling the plays….”

  1. >it was such a great thing! they added so much to the game… much more than i had ever looked for

  2. >it was pretty funny… i wish i could have really delivered the true feeling of what they were doing ha!

  3. >Ha ha now that's good!

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