Mar 032010

this day has been a complete least it feels like it. i do think there is purpose for everything but it still feels like a waste.  i spent about 75% of the day sleeping and laying around. i had some stomach something going on. i feel much better tonite thank goodness! i just wish i knew what the reason for sickness is. there really seemed no point in this today. i don’t think i had a bug or virus or anything. i just didn’t feel good at all! there is really not much worse than feeling bad physically. well that’s not really true…there are lots of much worse things. but it can be very disabling to feel so sick and not really have anything that can be done about it…just ride it out.
we spent the evening watching the tudors. we really like that show. it’s such good program, and it’s so well done! i have been reading up on the history of henry viii and the show actually follows history pretty closely. i know that some liberties were taken for the sake of the story but overall it’s pretty acurate. i do enjoy the music, characters, costumes and the scenery!

  •  March 3, 2010
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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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