May 222012

i have spent this morning thinking back on my time in elementary school… more specifically k-about 3 or so… those are the grades in which show-n-tell was a big deal. remember digging through your toy box looking for the perfect thing to take and show off? i do. and i think at some point most all kids wanted to take their dog, cat, fish, baby sibling…  there were other times that i can remember not finding anything that i felt was impressive enough to take.

isn’t that what show-n-tell is all about? impressing our classmates with our cool shit and telling them all about it? further dividing us between the have’s and the have-nots…. i never really thought show-n-tell was fair. although i did have one teacher who would give us a topic or a prompt we should use in deciding what we were going to bring for our presentation.

i figure that in reality, show-n-tell was a way to start getting us all comfortable standing up in front of a classroom and talking. public speaking. mostly i remember it being just pure torture. i mean, really, what 5 or 6 year old is ready to start learning the skills of public speaking? there were those kids who would get up in front of the class and ramble on and on and on about their GI Joe or their Felix the Cat lunch box. or maybe their favorite stuffed animal. but then there were the others who would stand there with a finger hanging out of their mouth, twitching and shifting, not sure what to say or do. the bullies and the victims. that’s how it mostly played out.

i hate show-n-tell…. but somewhere, somehow, through all of it – i have become a public speaker. i love it. i don’t get to do it that often anymore but i sure enjoyed it when i was able to put together a great presentation, one that would inspire interaction and feedback. and most of the time, that’s what i got… good interaction and feedback.

yes this is leading somewhere….

coach teaches health… and this semester they’ve been working on the nervous system… so guess what i’m doing today? and tomorrow too?


i am the object of show-n-tell. oh they just don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into!

i’m am spending my time in coach’s class room today and tomorrow talking about MS…obviously something that i have a bit of thought on… something that is important to know about…. something they had never heard of before. coach showed them this video last week and it made quite an impression on them… a young black woman with MS. she is them. MS is promoted generally as the white woman’s disease. and so they (some of the students) were not maybe so serious about it… until the video:

and i’m going to have a blast doing it! i like the kids…. and they all call me momma… i think we have about 573 adopted kids at this point ha!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. You rock.
    And I loved the Maxine cartoon. She is another of my heroes.

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