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i’ve been absent for a few days…. i’ve missed my little home here…. but i have also been having a few really good and peaceful days….

coach & i have been visiting with mom and step-dad for a few days… i always love coming down here… the coast makes me feel good. they say salt air is good for what ails ya…. who is “they”? not that it matters… just a thought…

we went shopping today… always fun! first we went to titan support systems so coach could get a new onsie… and a singlet and bench shirt too…. he hasn’t bought new gear in a long time so it’s fun that he got to do that now… we went directly to the manufacturer… they measured him and are going to custom make his cute outfits… and this time i picked the color…no blue!  he is getting black… looks so much better… that blue is an awful, bright blue and it is not really so good looking ha! not that any of these suits are real fashion statements….

one of the coolest things about getting custom suits made is that WE GOT LONGER INSEAMS!  yea! these are like daisy dukes on coach ha! so the new suits are black with longer legs…. will look better and be more comfortable for him too…. next meet i think is in June…. my strong man… ain’t he cute?

after hitting up titan, we went on down to academy…. got me some new chucks… my favorite shoes, and the ones that i walk the best in… my previous pair has become pretty worn out….

love me some chucks! back in the day i used to have many pairs…. in all sorts of colors… i used to buy them on venice beach for $20 a pair… fabulous! but these days, since they’ve become so popular once again… welll the price has gone up a bit… can’t afford to make such fashion statements as colored chuck’s… ah well…

so once we finished at academy, it was off to BEST BUY!  sherri got a new laptop!!
it’s a good thing i am able to read the specs on the various computers and know what i’m looking at… and know what i want… because we were not approached by a sales person at all…. not once…in 45 minutes… can you believe that?? i was a bit peaved… so i picked my laptop and then coach & i went to check out printers… we had decided a while back to get a good all-in-one jobber that was wireless… we found what we wanted on sale even… coach grabs the box and i get some ink… then we head over to see if we can finally maybe get some blasted help with the computer sale… nope… sheesh… coach is frustrated a little and he’s leaning on this display while i’m trying to get some freakin help… at some point he LOOKED at the display… you won’t believe this….

the computer i picked out was bundled with an all-in-one printer, a sleeve for the laptop, an optic mouse, and a 4gb thumb drive… all for $549! yeehaw! still no sales assistant … we picked up the boxes and bundles and proceeded to the check out counter…. the guy working the register was great… he said “hey go check out at the geek squad counter and you’ll get some freebies”… cool! so we go over there… and we wait… and we wait… and we wait…. there are about 6 geeks standing around picking there noses and doing other geek junk…. no one was working the register…

now i’m hot, miserable, frustrated…and just want to get back to rockport… we decided screw it… a few freebies isn’t worth this aggravation… so back to the cashier we go… we get the same guy… we tell him what happened… he rings us up… and the total? for the printer, laptop, mouse, thumbdrive, and 4 extra ink cartridges? plus tax?$505.97…. wow! amazing! i am so pleased! made my day… got more stuff than i set out to get for less money than i had planned on spending… doesn’t get much better than that now….

not the amazing techie machine i’d love to have but more than adequate for me

once again, not the star in the line up of printers, but much more than adequate for us

so it’s been a good visit, productive for us… tomorrow morning is the dentist day… coach is going to grinded, drilled, filled, and fixed all up 😉

visiting with mom is great… there is nothing quite like a mother’s love… talking with her and sharing my thoughts and fears… my goals, my dreams… my life… i’m so lucky to have a mother that i can share all of these things with…. i love you mom!

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