Aug 212012

I had to hit the grocery store for a few small items today. I decided to get my camera out and “shoot from the hip”… although, I didn’t really do it from the hip. I set my camera up in the little tray next to my frappacino – grocery shopping is so much better with a mocha frappie & an extra shot of espresso!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I love shooting from the hip! Nice pictures Sherri! Hope all is well. Christie

  2. Sherri: I’m interested to learn more about the problem with your hands, not being able to hold a brush. If you’d email me privately at kitterpie @ gmail . com, remove all spaces. I have been having problems with spasms in my hands and feet. If I pinch my fingers together, the spasms start, making my thumb and index finger point down…fingers spread apart in other instances, making it impossible to bring them back together without manually doing so, a kind of prying motion. This affects both hands and both feet. Never know when it will crop up, but usually when I’m knitting, cooking, or painting.

  3. Amazing how many interesting photos you got in a supermarket, I like the idea!

    • It’s fun to look around and see what can be made interesting or pleasing. One of my journalism teachers once told me that everything holds beauty & is interesting… I’ve challenged myself with that thought many times and generally she was right LOL

  4. Great idea (shooting from the hip). Can I steal it??

    • Sure you can steal it! That’s what I did LOL My father used to shoot from the hip quite frequently. He had some of the best candid shots I’ve ever seen… It works really well with a wide angle lens with a smaller aperature… but I have found that my telephoto will do fine with a high ISO at 55 mm… it’s fun to do and you never know for sure what you’re going to get

  5. Great shots, Sherri – and great that you are finding ways to be creative on those days you can’t hold a pencil or brush. Your mention of Multiple Sclerosis reminds me that I saw a video, a TED talk, by Dr Terry Wahls, on that topic, in case that’s of any interest – and sorry for butting in if it’s not 🙂

    Keep taking that camera with you, the angle of the shots was really funky and gave such a good impression of the light, space and colour of the store!

    • I have watched some of theTED videos… I’m not sure if I’ve seen the one you’re thinking of or not but I will certainly go check it out. I’m always interested in more information, videos, and sites that can help me out..

      I love that I can take pictures just about anywhere and have them turn out interesting… even the most mundane or routine of places offers up a chance for good shots

  6. I LOVE the angle you take the piccs!!

    • thanks Milly 🙂 With the camera propped up in the tray of the shopping cart, I was having to sort of eyeball which direction/angle the camera was pointing lol it was fun

  7. Hope you bought some of that plonk!!

    • Not yet… I have a bottle still at the house… next week though it will be time! It’s funny… I tend to buy based on the label design haha I have my standards… I love Pinot Noir but when it comes to brand, vineyard, etc I will choose based on the label design.. I love the bottle that has a circus feel up there…

  8. Nice tour. Loved the flowers. And the plonk. Thanks.

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