Jun 282012
  • a while back, I bought some new sheets. man, they are expensive these days! well, the good quality, really soft, nice to sleep on sheets are expensive. we have a queen size bed that requires the extra deep pockets on the sheets. that’s just how we roll ha! anyway, we needed another set of sheets and I hated spending $70+. as I looked around I noticed that they had those jersey sheets – you know, the ones that are made like t-shirt material. I was hesitant because I tend to get rather hot when I sleep and I had this notion that cotton t-shirty type sheets would not be so comfy when I’m hot. but I figured I would try them out anyway… mostly because they were only $30 for the size we need. and to my surprise – they were great! really soft, I didn’t get any hotter than usual, and coach liked them too…. they were great! for the first few months. now? not so much. they have all these balls all over them… and they are scratchy. guess I should’ve just spent the $70+ for the medium good sheets…
  • the queen remains well. no more “incidents” like the other night….thank goodness! I couldn’t bear losing another dog right now…. I still grieve over losing Maggie
  • this morning I’m heading over to the school to help pass out popsicles. I was glad to be invited but – passing out popsicles? is that difficult? not sure lol with 15 coaches there I’m surprised they need help with this task. but like I said, I’m glad to be invited and will go help. nice to be included in the popsicle brigade
  • we go to the pool each evening when coach gets home. it’s an okay pool… it’s a body of water in which to submerge myself in. shame it’s not cool water though. and it has tones of floating dead protein in it. bugs. everywhere. bugs. bless their hearts… I’m sure they were just looking for a drink. alas, that body of water was a bit large for them to handle. while submerged in that body of water yesterday, we met another resident of this senior living park. nice guy. he’s an occupational therapist. he & coach talked for a very long time about all sorts of man junk.
  • finally, at 8 o’clock I had to bust up the party. we hadn’t made dinner yet and there were clothes to be washed. now I know you’re thinking “why the heck didn’t you do laundry during the day? it’s not like you are workingor anything….” and I have an answer for that. the laundry room has no AC. when you consider that it was 105 yesterday compounded by the heat of a dryer – I would rate the heat inside the laundry room as friggin hot! not good for the beast….
  • tomorrow is my last day with health insurance for about 45 days or so… eek!
  • my daughter has an angel in her life. we all need angels in our lives. she is blessed, which means that I am blessed too.
  • I’m am really looking forward to next week. I will finallybe able to upgrade us from the tv antenna to satellite, and from crappy shared wireless internet to DSL… that just warms my heart! AND…. I get to finally get my art junk organized… I need to buy some type of storage containers for everything. I have a storage area under my butt bench but the tool box I’m currently using doesn’t fit under there… it’s too friggin tall.
  • when I get back from the popsicle brigade I think I’m going to try to hold a pen… I have missed drawing.

heb colors

I love this color combination….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “sheets and popsicles”

  1. Oh man, don’t talk to me about sheets. we need a new sheet set (say that fast) like crazy. Don’t ask me how, but camerman does the laundry sometimes and one of those times the cover sheet came back with three gigantamous holes on the bottom. I can’t believe how expensive sheets are, it’s outrageous. Once I bought those jersey sheets for the same reason you did and after a few washings they went from queen size to dorm size. I am dying to get new sheets but as someone who lives with me says “honey, sheets are not a priority right now”. And… he’s right.
    Handing out popsicles? Hope it was inside and not in 105 degrees outside. Your pool sounds like our swimming hole back home (the Jordan River). hugs.
    p.s. opened my blog back up.

  2. Bed sheets are one thing that I allow myself to spend a lot of money on. I always wait for a good sale. There is something so lovely about getting into a nice bed. Check out sales online. There are some really good deals if you don’t mind waiting . You can probably find cheap flannels right now.

  3. Ohhhh, popsicles, yummy. I hope you can get back to your drawing. I no longer have the ability to hold my paint brushes, so I know exactly how you feel.

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