Jul 152014

its been a long time… the longest ever between posts i think. i am good…no major problems, just really busy.

the last weekend in June Coach & i headed out on vacation. (i will post some photos and the like later…i am sitting in the docs office typing on my i-hal…oops, i mean my i-pad)

First stop was Coach’s high school reunion -the 40th…eek! it was fun for him to see those people he was young with and i enjoyed meeting them…and the people watching was great!

second stop was a visit with Coach’s Aunt Ruth. we always love spending time with her. she has a really neat cement pond on her back porch….i’m guessing its about 8 ft x 12 ft….and full of the beautiful koi fish. i could sit out there for hours watching them.

third stop was back home with the family. we spent 6 days with my daughter’s family. so much fun! those grand-girls are a blast! and they are growing up too fast… the twins will be 9 soon, and the baby will be 5!

Dad is doing incredibly well. this time last year we were celebrating his post-op recovery and getting our minds wrapped around chemotherapy…. this year, he is cancer free…his hair is back, his weight is back, his color is good. and his mind-set is very good. Dad is back. he is an incredible fighter and has such strength!

my daughter is my best friend… we have such a strong bond…it amazes me. i miss them all dearly when we are apart. its typically 6 months between visits. thats a loooonnnggg time!

Coach & I returned home on the 6th of this month. and boy it was great to get home to our bed and the quiet routine of old folks LOL

i have managed the MS pretty well so the big trip didn’t kick my ass. there is a bit of recovery but not nearly as severe as in the past.

we are both back at work these days. Coach is gearing up for football season…time flies! i am working on preparedness things – research, plans, training, drills….same-o same-o

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “She Lives!”

  1. Ha like I am one to talk but “i will post some photos and the like later…” eh is it later yet?

  2. Good to see you.

  3. It’s always good to hear from you. Glad you had a fun vacation. tell Coach that a 40th reunion is one to be celebrated! So happy to hear that your Dad is better. And that your Aant has a huge pond so close to her back door! hop the slope is away from the house, just in case… Our two ponds are on two sides of our patio, and I love watching the goldfish. I wouldn’t put Koi in because the neighborhood raccoon would just come in and eat them. They are too big to hide amidst the lotus.

  4. Welcome back. You have been missed.

  5. Glad your back and had a good time. Football and preparedness LOL yah your back

  6. I was happy to see you back and writing and happy to read that all is well. It seems like so many of my favorite bloggers have been disappearing lately…

    I know every time I disappear for a couple weeks, I worry that no one will be around to say hi when i come back. So far, so good, but the gaps seem to get longer and longer.

    Living life is a great excuse for taking blogging breaks!

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