Sep 252011

Outside my window- sun is blazing down on us, continuing the dry horrid heat… we had a brief teaser of cool weather…for maybe one day and one night… we are back up into the 100’s once again…. please tell me this will end!  the birds are terribly thirsty… I spent some time filling up the little drainage ditch once again. I so enjoy watching them all bathe, frolic, and stomp all over one another in trying to get the absolute BEST spot in the water LOL

I am thinking– about the classes I’m going to be addressing tomorrow… I have been invited to speak to the students at a Jr. High in the Career & Technology program. Of course I will be talking about Telecommunications and 9-1-1… I love doing these sorts of things….

I am thankful for– days off… a time to crash & burn if I need to… and also for the ability to plan meals that are cheap and will feed us for a few days Surprised smile

I am wearing– that comfy lounge-around-the-house stuff once again… pretty much what I’m always wearing when I’m not at work… life should be about comfort

I am creating– line drawings… still… and maybe it is something I will always be creating…. OH and I’m creating the power point that I will use tomorrow when talking to the kiddie troopers

I am going– hmmm not sure what comes to mind here…. I’m going to Brenham teach, I’m going to work the rest of the week… I’m going to be a year older this week…. eeeekkk

I am reading– Club Dead these days… a continuation of the Sookie Stackhouse series… don’t have HBO so can’t watch True Blood… that’s alright though… the books are generally better

I am hoping– to win the lottery or come into some other windfall of $$ I’m so tired of being broke!

Around the house– same o same o I think our leaks are all but fixed…just one really small drip under the bathroom sink to contend with… then it’s on to replace the ruined floor and some other projects… and actually, that’s the stuff Coach does… I sort of help by handing him things and telling him what a fantastic job he’s doing and how much I love him and am so very grateful that he can do these types of projects…. I’m a good assistant

A few plans for the rest of the week    pfft no plans….

Here’s my picture share for the day –

Jan 24 2006 056
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “September 25, 2011 Daybook”

  1. That is the CUTEST picture I have ever saw!!!!

    • Hi Angie!

      Thanks … those are my sweet little grandgirls… although they are 6 years old now! eek how time flies… i took this photo when they were about 5 months old or so…

  2. This is a great post. I hope the heat eases off for you soooon. It is just starting the upward climb here and I am getting anxious. Pointless but true.

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