Jun 102011

I must send up to the heavens all my gratitude and thankfulness…. this morning… right now… because…




It took forever for this day to get here…. one more 10 hour long ass freakin day at work and I get some downtime. I’m completely wiped out… last night it was really beginning to show…

I have this new walk that surfaced last night while we were out eating… it’s sort of a swivel hip, tippie-toe, look-at-me-I’m-messed-up sort of walk…  the left hip was swiveling in weird ways which in turn caused the left leg to swivel in weird ways… and the left foot was participating in the pseudo foot drop games…. then the right foot, well, it was only wanting me to make use of the toes… the tippie-toes…

And I need to point something out here…sort of a side-bar…. for those of us who do the spiderman thing (touching, caressing, grabbing, and holding on to everything around), it’s very disturbing to eat food after stumbling around a public restaurant touching everything… I think I’m going to buy a little bottle of Purell to hang around my neck… I can doodle on the bottle with Sharpie’s and make a new fashionable wing ding to compliment the cooling vest and very giant floppy hat that I am now the proud owner of….

the hat is actually much wider and floppier than it appears in this photo

Coach was watching and asked something about what kind of walk was that? Ha, wish I knew… but hey, it takes mucho talent to remain upright while carrying a large plate of food from the all-you-can-eat buffet!

When I was released from the horror that is work, we went to meet Coach’s family at Fry’s…that store makes me sweat…. his niece has graduated from high school and is preparing for college! Woot!!!

 Way to go Niece!!

Anywho, she was in the market for a new computer-printer-all things techie for college life….I went along to help her find what she would need that was the best deal for the money… Success! She was able to purchase a computer, printer, and webcam for under her budget price…

Afterwards, we all went to eat dinner at this fabulous all-you-can-eat steak buffet… Coach and I love this place… for the money you can’t beat it… he’s a hearty eater…(imagine that)…. on my first trip to the feeding trough I went for the fried chicken, mashed ‘tatoes, and corn with a little cream gravy on the side… hush your mouth!

On the second trip (yes the 2nd trip… it’s required at an all-you-can-eat buffet) I opted for some popcorn shrimp, a dip into the mac-n-cheese on the side… dang that’s some good stuff… it’s like good ol farm kitchen cooking… it’s a Texas thing… and one of the reason’s the obesity rate in this state is so high that I can’t find a good percentage to quote here right now… and it would be embarrassing too….

I must go now…coffee is brewing and the aroma has extended the 4 feet all the way through the kitchen to the living area where I am currently sitting… the aroma’s finger is extended and is beckoning me to it’s source…. COFFEE

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  9 Responses to “sending up thanks, a new walk, and food”

  1. omg…you made this southern girls mouth water before she had her heart healthy breakfast…….i do love my mac and cheese. Go ahead girl make you a cute little necklace out of purell…who knows you could create a new fashion wave….
    sanitizer on a rope…happy sunday enjoy your down time

  2. I loved this. Thank you. I have a cooling vest but find it toooo restrictive. So pretty much in summer I turn into a troll and only come out at night. Loved your description of your work. One of the people I used to work with told me I walked as if I had just trod in something nasty, and joked that my then boss thought MS meant messy shoes. He probably did too.

    • I do what I can to stay inside during summer… the cooling vest is oh so attractive and you are right, it’s just cumbersome and restrictive… pain in the arse…but for those times I have no choice its’ working okay…

      No one says much about my walking to me except coach of course… I think most people around work and such are afraid to comment… LOL

  3. Hush my mouth? I wish I was there!! 🙂

    • lol that’s one of those sayings… you know…when someone says something that is unbelievable or too good to be true…. the standard response should be “hush your mouth!”

  4. Hi Sherri!

    Just dropped by to say hello and that your web-site’s new look is great!

    Hope you’re feeling OK.

    Best always,

  5. Love the description of yournnew walk. So glad you still have your sense of humor. Question about the cooling vest, how does it work? I’m thinking about when hubby is in his fire suit in 106 degree weather. Wonder if it would help him.

    • oh i think it would most definitely help him! it can be worn under his bunker gear with no problem…. on the vest i bought, there are pockets lining the inside…12 of them… and these little ice paks fit inside… it maintains a 58 degree temp for up to 4 hours…for fire use i bet it wouldn’t last more than 3 but you can buy more than one set of the ice paks…. i have 2 sets… you should go check out the site… there are all sorts of vests and other cooling devices there… if you click on the picture it will take to you the polar cooling site….

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