Aug 272011

As much as I truly like the new look here, I think I have to do something different….the editor in which posts are written doesn’t work worth a shit….damn…

Football last night…we lost…but we played hard…and we didn’t lose as badly as we have in the past against this team…they are just one of those schools that always does well… Anyway…our football website is if you’re interested…game schedules, photos, etc…

My allergies are kickin in again…

I hate to sneeze in public…. I like it much better at home…where I have a change of clothes if needed….just sayin’

I sit here typing this on an iPad..nifty device but it ain’t no computer….better for reading and surfing in my humble opinion… For example, on this thing I type maybe 25 wpm….on a computer with a traditional keyboard…are you ready for this? Last time I tested I was at 120 wpm…98% accuracy…yeah I’m bragging…get over it haha

My computer has been doing a check disk since 7am…currently it’s at 187709 of 242160 files processed…slow ass bitch! It has loads of relaxed/repair messages so at least I know it’s doing something… Only I don’t have faith this is going to fix the problem… I think I’m gonna have to send my lil BFF in for repairs…

I quit job 2 yesterday… I’m very sad and feel like I failed many…but it was the right decision for now…I’m hoping that once this extreme heat goes away that I will be at a higher functioning level than I am now….

Big fat fail over here

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  15 Responses to “Sending my BFF away”

  1. You, my friend are NOT FAT!
    You, my friend are NO FAILURE!
    You, my friend do have a BFF HERE if you need me!

    Oh, and I have the first AND second generation IPads. I wouldn’t have bragged about that if you hadn’t bragged about your typing skills. I’m a pecker typer myself…….giggle!

    • thank you for all the kind words! and it’s so nice to know that i have friends like you out there

      i always thought i wanted an iHal… but after using this one for work, i’m thinkin i’m glad i didn’t spend the money on one… they are truly cool gadgets to be sure… but i’m a hard convert… sort of like way back in the days of the dinosaur… i was a DOS fan… i miss the c prompts! it took forever for me to adjust to windows LOL

      and photography… i miss film and darkroom chemicals! i still am not so comfortable with digital cameras… although the convenience of snapping a pic and saving it on the puter and posting right away is to be relished ha

  2. Sorry about the need to let the job 2 go – is OK really it is! Glad you cleared up the relaxed message cause I was going nuts trying to figure out what I was not understanding LOL

    • it was a tough decision to make, leaving Job 2… that job was the best I’ve ever had… and I have such loyalty to those I worked with and protected there….

      ah relaxed files… buggers…. at least they seem to be perked up once again and doing their job…. time will tell

  3. I know it feels so bad…i amstruggeling to figure out how to keep my coaching job with my new job…i love my co-workers and the kids…i need more money….i have to raise my family…there comes a time when we have to realize that we can’t be everything to everyone…I wish we could…I wish you could…there is only one of you and you have to take care of yourself. XOXOXOXO!!!!!!

    • so hard to do when it’s something dear to your heart…. in this life it seems so hard to find things that we are passionate about.. and then to have to give those things up…. stinko

      taking care of me is something that i am coming to terms with… i have never really thought of it before…. my purpose in life has always been to take care of others… i’ve always provided for, helped, and cared for others before myself… just my nature…

  4. I know how you feel about quiting a job. I quit one that I had for 16 years. Maybe you should be a writer:)

    • just really sucks… i let myself down and i let down the officers, a community, and a good friend… i hate it…

      now writing… i would LOVE to be a writer!! not sure how to go about it… so i blog ha

  5. My allergies have just about killed me this week. I think mine is more sinuses than allergies though. Hope you feel better soon! By the way, your sneeze comment literally made me LOL 🙂

    Don’t feel as though you failed anyone by quitting your job. You have to do what is right for you & as long as you don’t fail yourself, you are doing fine!

    Have a great weekend…what is left of it.

    • hey Angie! Welcome!!

      allergies have been horrible this year… it’s so freakin dry…

      i see you guys went to the race in Bristol… fun!! i haven’t been to the races since they closed the speedway in College Station… many years ago…. i miss going

  6. Btw…check to see in your settings if you can shut the auto spell check off…you can on my iPhone.

  7. Lmao!!
    You have an iPad…I am sooo jealous.
    You did not fail by leaving the job…you found another adventure to go on!
    Here’s hoping your ‘relaxed’ files return from their vacation in much better form 😉

    • lol iHal is making me crazy! it was issued to me at the job…. the job i kept… i’m not super adept on it yet and haven’t played with the settings… afraid of messing things up and all lol so my relaxed files seem to be working better right now… we’ll give it a day or so and see what happens…

  8. A shame. I really liked relaxed file messages. So laid back that they refuse to work for you.

    I am hoping (lots) that the weather eases off soon and you can reclaim yourself.

  9. Within this post you will find one of my many pet peeves when using an I-device….it’s like freakin Hal and decides what it was wanted to type…changes shit without asking me first!

    The check disk thing is not giving me “relaxed” file messages! They are “REPLACED” files you stupid Ihal

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