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in most last post i mentioned cookie sheets and drum sticks… yeah… very annoying thing. have any of you seen this yet? people banging on cookie sheets with drumsticks? holy hell!

we went to one of the playoff games Friday night at DKR Stadium (that’s the Longhorn stadium for those who don’t follow college ball)… the game was lake travis v cedar park… great game… two power-house teams who are very tough… lake travis has been the state champion for i don’t know how many years… it’s the high school of garrett gilbert (who was at UT but recently moved to SMU)… his brother is playing at the high school now and he’s pretty good… anywho…it was a great game…

but the fans! we sat on the cedar park side… and they like to make noise…lots and lots o’ noise.. and what better way than to bring mom’s cookie sheets to the game so you can bang on them? man…

you know, i love watching the coaches call in plays… some teams have a very interesting system for doing this… others you don’t even notice… last year, i found the dancing coaches…  so friday night at the game, those coaches don’t really signal the plays… JV players do.. and there are 4 of them… they have big squares, one each.. each square is marked with colors or numbers… they hold up above their heads the color/number combo that is designated for a particular play… coach calls the play and the card guys hold up the cards for the players….

for the new semi-pro team we’re involved with… well i got to thinking… i could do that job…hold up the cards signaling in the plays- but naturally, the cards would be bedazzled, or maybe have feathers all around the edges of the card… and i would have to paint my face or wear one of those crazy afro wigs in the team colors….and maybe a little jig would have to be put in place as well… i think coach might be a bit embarrassed though so i let the idea go…. i’m nice like that

we discussed half time shows for our semi pro team as well… i can’t do much about that but i did suggest maybe a large flat screen that we could roll out there and then hook it up to youtube so we could maybe show Gramblin or something

that is one heck of a band… fun to watch too… wish i could find a really good video of them…

it has been raining all weekend… lots and lots of rain…and that means only one thing…. leaks… freakin leaks… in the ceiling again… shit… but only when the downpours were torrential… light, nice slow rain doesn’t produce leaks… we spent yesterday morning putting out coffee cups, cans, baking dishes, towels… all over the place haha! at least the bedroom stays dry… no leaks in there… whew… it was a very frustrating and tense morning in the tin can yesterday… and my remedy for that?



i don’t know if i’ve ever mentioned it here, but coach is a lover of guns… imagine that. he’s a redneck… yes, i said it… REDNECK 🙂 and i say it with all the love in my heart… i can’t begin to tell you how many guns we have… long ones, short ones, skinny ones, fat ones… haha

part of saturday was spent at Red’s Indoor Gun Range… i wasn’t going to go.. i worked that morning – my plan was to go home and nap while the guys shot shit up … but i was wrangled into going along… bleh  next time i won’t be going…. i’ve been, i’ve seen, and that’s it… it is stinky, hot, and oh so boring there… i don’t shoot guns… i don’t like them… plus, i can’t hold myself steady much less a gun!

there is just something about a person who is shaky, loaded with tremors and dizziness shooting a gun….

samples of the only shooting i do at a gun range:



the lighting was piss poor and i wasn’t allowed to use a flash… oh well… i did manage to capture the fire in one shot…

i saw a bunch of junk on twitter saturday… SB1867 … people are saying that it gives the military power to detain, arrest, or execute protesters without PC or trial… i haven’t found that wording yet… it does say any one who is anti-government but does not extend to US citizens… then someone said there is some amendment they are trying to pass that says it DOES include US citizens…. i haven’t found that yet either…. it’s all about the war on terrorism… is that such a bad thing? let me know if you find the wording that says protesters and other Americans speaking out against the govt will be detained and killed….


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I did not say that the military would be used to detain or kill protesters. Many folks are tossing attention getting or fear tactic rhetoric around.

    What I do worry about is that members of our society in the United States of America have become so apathetic to our governments slow erosion of our rights. And yes the Patriot Act was used and still is to fight “terrorism” but it bugs the ^%^$^ out of me that everything I say on a phone, type on my keyboard or my purchases at the store are available to the government. An entity of government close to the literary penned Big Brother is watching.

    Every time the Bill of Rights is diluted the potential is there for abuse.

  2. They can’t pass a budget and yet here we are with…all can figure out of it is a mumbo-jumbo mess of words that make my head hurt….Coach and TrapperDude would get along great….the gun discussion would go on for days!
    SOOOO…when ya’ll coming to Cal-ee-for-nya????

    And that pic of the gunfire is great!!
    My point-n-shoot died at the rehearsal dinner…”really, now is not a good time for you to die….”…but it did 🙁
    thank goodness my niece was there for the wedding so I can get some early pics…posted some of her website on my blog….I got all cleaned up (I even used soap!)!

    • oh how i would LOVE to come out and visit… but i suspect it’s going to be a bit… we are in need of a new tin can – it has become a priority…so all money we get our hands on will go towards that for now… but one never knows… maybe a windfall will come my way… lotto or something like that LOL

      you look absolutely wonderful in the picture! you clean up real nice 🙂

  3. Perhaps the objections to SB1867 are not what it does say but what it does not and little things like habeas corpus? Posse Comitatus Act? . … end runs around the safe guards of our Constitution and the roles of the three branches?

    • i’m sure that there are lots of things that can be found between the lines in the wording of the bill… i got so lost reading the legal mumbo jumbo ha! that being said, i don’t think this is the first or only piece of legislation that is vague enough to be used for purposes other than it’s original intent… sort of like the patriot act.. remember how everyone so incredibly upset that big brother was going to be listening to their phone calls? like anyone up there in big brother’s house has the time, interest, or desire to listen to the average person’s phone conversations…

      i don’t know… i just don’t see the military being used to detain, or kill protesters… these folks for the most part are not causing any harm to anyone… i’m sure that in some area they are quite annoying but i think harmless…. and i think there are those in big brother’s house that are pretty put out by the fact that there are lots of folks speaking out…but once again, do they really have the time, interest, or desire to detain these folks?

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