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Ahh Saturday…

I find that it is an odd feeling to have Saturdays off from work. It has been so many years since I was off on weekends. I’m not sure what to do with myself. Coach has a soccer game this morning but it’s so cold outside and still so wet from all the rain that I really don’t want to go. I do love to go the games and watch him coach, cheer his team on. Heck, I just love being where ever he is. I know, that is mushy. I have never been mushy until now. At least not this bad. Ha

I’m going to pick up Addi this morning. Kyle & Ashley are off celebrating their anniversary in Vegas. The twins are with Dad & Jana, and Addi is with her godmother. But Addi is coughing and congested and they had a hard time sleeping last night. So I will go pick her up and bring her home with me.

I had planned on looking at a motorcycle this morning. It’s for sale, and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. All week the plan has been set. Now the seller is not communicating with me. He was supposed to contact me yesterday to confirm our plans and give me an address. Guess it’s not meant to be. I’ll keep looking and I have faith that when the right situation comes along, it will work out just fine.

Work is so much better for me now. I’m happy and look forward to going. I know that there will be days when this isn’t the case. But overall, I really like my new position and can see the great potential for growth and opportunity. I’m working on furthering my education and training. I will be the coordinator one day…that is my goal.

  •  February 13, 2010
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