Aug 082010
  • It is way too hot outside!
  • Started feeling woozy in the heat today…had to leave the game for the A/C in the car
  • Parents of H.S. athletes are idiots
  • the coaches know who can play what position better than anyone else
  • if you want to coach then go to school, get your degree, and find a job coaching
  • stop yelling at your kid from the sidelines – it’s a distraction to your kid and to the other fans
  • I think I am getting a new fan shirt this year… I need a new one
  • I’m so ready for winter
  • I don’t like snow… but I relish the day the thermometer sits in the 50’s & 60’s
  • Do you remember trick or treating with your costume UNDER your coat?
  • No one new I had a cool costume… all they could see was the corduroy brown coat
  • I am so behind on my school work!
  • I have 2 papers to write before Tuesday and have done no research
  • Ate at Ryan’s Steak house tonight…great food!!
  • People in Wal Mart are rude… shoppers, not employees
  •  August 8, 2010
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