Jul 162011

i love these days… the ones where i don’t HAVE to do anything….

i started my day at 10:40 this morning! i slept late! queen beulah tried waking me a several times but i just shoved her off the bed… i can be a bitch like that sometimes… but over the last month i have more than depleted my spoon count… i have absolutely NO SPOONS right now…

so i have been indulging…drinking coffee (and eating peanut butter – creamy with honey yum) and cruising you tube listening to the music of the 80’s… good stuff…good music… i miss the clothes we wore in the 80’s… outrageous hairdos… men’s vests with leggings and blousy shirts…big boots… huge earrings… funky hats… i think my favorite outfit was black leggings, black bustier, and a black blazer… i had blonde hair shaved up on the sides and the back… longer on top… bangs swooped to the side covering one eye…oh hot momma! ha! and of course i had black boots… with silver chingy chings on them… i looked good…


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Boy do those songs bring back memories. I was a punk rocker as a teen. I had a pink Mohawk. Yeah, me, a pink Mohawk.

    I read an entry of yours about your day being boring but that you had no complaints about it. I agree, sometimes boring is best. Sometimes nothingness brings fullness. I really liked that entry.

    PS. I’m not on the net at much anymore because I don’t have the web at home but I do have you on my Google reader which I can access from my phone. I’m still reading your entries but my comments may be few and far between.


    • Hi Faith!!

      I have been thinking of you and hoping you are settling into your new place… change is good but sometimes difficult at the same time. I remember you saying you wouldn’t have internet for a while… I watch for you to post and figure you must hit the library or coffee shop for internet from time to time….

      Keep smiling!!

  2. Pictures? Want to see that outfit!!!!

  3. Some good ones there…I have still have some on vinyl.

    • ahh the smiths, the cure, morrisey…. love these groups…psychedilic furs, thompson twins…. nothing like the music of the 80s!

      i think my favorite movies were because of the soundtracks…. pretty in pink, the breakfast club, st elmo’s fire…. ahhh memories!

  4. sounds like a perfct day. i hope you didn’t get dressed – unless it was to re-visit you leggings and boots.
    I missed the last part of the ’60’s, the ’70’s and the ’80’s because of living outside of the country. But the thought of wearing back leggings, incredibly cool black leather boots, billowing white shirt & a vest & large earrings really appeal to my style and outlaw tastes in dress. as for shaving my head, I’d do that in a second. Got pictures?
    btw – i have a wish list and black leather motorcycle boots have been at the top for several years running. I absolutely love them.

    • ah no pictures… i can’t believe i have no pictures from those days….

      i eventually had to get dressed…. but i managed to stay indoors and comfy until after 4 this afternoon…. woot!

  5. Well damn, get up and do something

  6. Great minds think alike. I was just doing the same thing yesterday… I’ll be posting soon.
    ~ Mona : )
    Mona’s Milestones

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