Feb 202010

>this is going to be a pretty full day. this morning the j has a soccer game. after that we are going to buda to check out the motorcycle i want to buy. randy already left this morning to feed the horse and pick up the trailer. tonite is the football banquet. seems like it’s much later this year but at least there’s going to be a banquet. for a while i was wondering…..

the reason for this blog is to document things that strike me in the moment, and also to document the things i do. sort of a written witness to what’s going on. somethings are from my own thoughts, some things are news worthy, other things are just weird stuff i come across.

i wonder if anyone reads anything i have put down here. in a year of doing this i haven’t received a single comment from anyone so i have to guess that no one is reading….and that’s okay. it’s an egotistic desire to think that others would be interested enough in my ramblings enough to spend time with my blog. i’ve done pretty good with those desires in an effort to be happier, end my own suffering….not that i am suffering in the popular sense of the word. more that we all create internal suffering, things we dwell on that are truly of no importance – such as wondering if anyone reads any of this stuff….

  •  February 20, 2010
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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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