Jun 072014

Remember the sack lunch? Brown paper sacks for those of us who had no lunch box with a thermos. We had brown bag lunches. Our cold drinks wrapped in layers of aluminum foil in an effort to keep them at least a little cooler than the outside air… and if you had some, newspaper under the foil really helped.

This afternoon there was a football fundraiser at Coach’s school. They sold hamburgers with a side of chips and a peppermint. My gawd those were some good burgers!!



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Sack Lunch”

  1. Definitely no lunch boxes here. Or thermos. Or cold drinks.
    Great photos – as always.

    • I think I had a lunch box in the early grades but from about 4th grade on, it was sacks or cafeteria lunches for me. I hated the thermos thing… it never kept my milk cold and there’s nothing worse than lukewarm milk. Bleh.

      • I hear you on the milk thing. In the early grades we were given a small bottle of milk each day. Which stood in crates outside the school until recess. Whatever the season. It was compulsory to drink it, and there were many vomiting sessions in the warmer seasons. And I still can’t face plain milk.

        • Oh man! I feel the wretch just thinking about milk from outside… how awful! Reminds me of the time my mother wanted to make her own cottage cheese…. milk in cheese cloth hanging in the hot garage for days on end. I will never be rid of that smell! It lives with me… I am morbidly afraid of finding curdles in my milk to this day LOL

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