Oct 252012

-Yesterday evening I headed out to the grocery store. Things were going quite well for me. The other shoppers were playing nice for the most part and some of the items we normally buy were even on sale. Can’t ask for much more than that! At one point during the trip, I stubbed my toe on the metal shelving that is used for products – wearing only my trusty flip flops. You know how bad it hurts to stub your toe? That searing pain that instantly brings tears to your eyes no matter how hard you fight it? And the overwhelming urge to bend down and grab the offended toe? Yeah. Me too. Except none of that happened. I didn’t even feel it. I mean, I felt the pressure of my toe jamming into the shelf. But there was no pain. Thank goodness, right? When I got home and was unpacking groceries I noticed that the toe looked odd. My toenail has a big chunk where the nail has been ruined. It’s peeling off like the layers of an onion… all the way down to the nail bed. And it still doesn’t hurt not even a little bit. I suppose this is a good example of sensation loss.

-I did good on the ol diet yesterday. I kept the carbs/sugars down to around 20. I can’t believe I managed 2 days in a row. Today, number 3, is good so far as well. It’s lunchtime and I’m warming up some wings. No sugars and just a few carbs. I’ve also been drinking LOTS of water. Amazingly, after the first day my water intake:pee output is not as high as I expected. I really thought I’d be running for the restroom much more often… go figure. I’m still weighing the same but that’s what happened last time I did this diet. I think it was about day 5 that I stepped on the scale and all of the sudden… BAM…. several pounds were gone overnight.

-A friend of my daughter’s had a mowing accident a few days ago. She felt like she’d been hit in the lower leg with a rock or something but couldn’t find it. She wasn’t able to move her ankle and was in severe pain. After a few doc visits, they determined there was a piece of wire in her leg… and no one could get it out. So my daughter took her to the neighboring “big” city to get the wire removed. They sat at that hospital for about 12 hours before it was her time to go in. The wire was fully imbedded in the muscle of her lower leg! Holy cow! There’s something to be said for wearing jeans, rubber boots, or the like when mowing. She’s doing much better today.

-My mom & I were reminiscing yesterday about that woman who lets her child… not toddler… breast feed. We were cracking ourselves up with thoughts on what it must be like. Can you imagine when this boy gets a bit older, somewhat interested in girls and begins dating? He won’t want to do anything past sucking teat! And that will get quite annoying in any relationship. Or how about Friday night typical date… dinner & a movie. He won’t be able to take his girlfriend to dinner until he’s done breastfeeding. The girlfriend will be sitting on the couch waiting for him to finish suckling so she can get her eat on. And then as an adult, how much you want to bet that boy will be living with mama? It will be hard for him to find a woman to marry because she won’t fit the criteria… no breast milk. Oh my.

-Mom & I also talked about her epiphany. She had one a few months ago. I am not at liberty to tell you the details though. However, you can relate to those dreams that are so real that once you are awake, you are still in that dream somehow? Yeah, that happened to mom. She was wide awake but participating in her dream, and the epiphany that was a part of that dream. What I can tell you is that I am very relieved she was in her own home and that they had no house guests!

-Hi Mom! I love you!

-I must stop typing now. My wings are cooked and ready for me to devour. I suspect it’s going to be a messy process and I don’t really like the idea of getting buffalo sauce on the ol keyboard.


I took the photo below on Thanksgiving a few years ago. You gotta love family. The things brothers (and BILs) will do to their sisters…

Dad, Earl, Rita, Jana (stepmom), Bert

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  7 Responses to “Running Through My Mind This Morning”

  1. I am curious what diet you are following too.

    Great picture!

  2. BIL is now EX-BIL

  3. Stubbed toe – been there done that more than a few times – advantage of numb toes.
    My mind went where where Muff and Websters did.
    Flip flops out and about?

    Suggest more protective footwear. Not to sound parental or nagging but seriously my neurologist warned me to always make sure my feet and toes were in good shape and to use caution when cutting nails etc. because an infection or untreated bone break could really mess up the already messed up mobility. Flip flops are not real foot wear save em for the pool and shower room. Geezzz must I go on LOL LOL

  4. Yup. Been there, done that, got the scars to prove it. I knew I had reduced sensation in my legs but only found out it was true about my arms as well after a trip to hospital. The staff were applying a warm wet cloth to my arm to bring up the vein. Except that it was hot and wet – I knew it was hotter than I liked, but everything is hotter than I like. When they removed the towel I had blistered. A rather large blistered area.
    And I constantly have bruises whose source is a mystery.
    Look after your feet. You need them.

  5. I broke my baby toe on my “bad” side, never even knew it until a couple of hours later when Hubbers said…” Holy….(cow), what did you do to your toe?!” It was black and swollen and sticking out sideways. At least setting it didn’t hurt. Oh man…wIngs??? What kind of diet are you on??? I want me some wings!!!!

  6. I’m laughing at Muff, because I think my mind went to a similar place re: your Mom. I’ll leave it at that.

    Thanks. No, really. Thanks for the image of your stubbed toe. I’m still cringing, and thinking of the trail of blood you left in the store. Thank God for lack of sensation. In this case MS was a blessing. Also, don’t wear flip-flops to the store.

  7. Wow, I never had that type of sensation loss. If I stub my toe, it really hurts, and I do it a lot!! Great going on your diet! Not fair — we have to use our imaginations to figure out your mother’s epiphany, and I hate to tell where mine went!

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