May 182011

>Man, was I beat yesterday! I walked 4 campuses in the heat and it just tore me up! By the time I got home from work my legs felt as if they had been rubberized. 

I sat down for about an hour and it was time to get up and run around to get some errands done. Groceries, laundry, that sort of thing.

I managed the grocery store pretty ok. Those grocery carts are handy walkers. When we made it home I just couldn’t go anymore.

Coach ended up putting away all the groceries while I sat for a few minutes. Then I got up and started getting a couple loads of laundry ready to go. I have yet to figure out how two people can create SO MUCH LAUNDRY.. and it’s not just a bit dirty… it is RIPE! 

Summer sweat
lifting-weights sweat
sitting on the porch enjoying the sunset sweat
blinking your eyes sweat

And I was having hell doing that. I was losing my balance, knocking things over, almost falling over myself. Klutz!

Coach took the laundry and got it going too.

I cried.

So frustrating when I can’t do something so simple as putting clothes in the basket. Bless his heart, he just picks up all the slack with no worries.

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that I look like white-trash Barbie… 

ok, well just my head…not the body…
 my waist is still large as ever.… 

but when looking at the mop on my head, there were 1/2 inch long dark roots… topped off with a yellowish blonde color… cute eh? Ha! (and no worries, I most always skip the baby-blue eye shadow with spider leg long eye lashes)

 I don’t ever have the energy to pull it all through a cap… yes, it’s short… so you’d think it would be easy… maybe for the normals it is…but for this cripple crazy it’s exhausting… and my arms get tired, heavy, and then…then, the cramps come!

So, the hair is dark… I like it dark… makes my eyes stand out… 
I’ve done the blonde thing most of my life… 
think I’ve been frosting my hair since I was, oh… about 4 or so….most people tell me they prefer me blonde… 

it’s a Texas thing I think… if you are a woman from Texas carrying around large blessings, well you should have large blonde hair too….

Hard to believe school is almost over. Coach has about 10 more days of school to go. I wish I got to have the summers off as well. But alas, my schedule is more wonky in the summer this year since I’m helping out in dispatch.

Day shift
evening shift
day shift

As you can see, it’s 4:30 in the morning… the only reason I’m up at this hour is because A) I can’t sleep or B) I’m dispatching the day shift which begins at 6 in the freakin’ morning. The nice thing is that I get off at 2… day goes by fast and I get more time in the afternoon at home. Time for doodling, or reading, or napping ha!

As I was conditioning my hair in the shower this morning, I took time to read my shampoo bottle. 

I am in shock! 

The shampoo I use in the shower that runs down my entire body says “for extra volume and body”!

Seriously, why have I not noticed this before?  Now I understand why I am so “full-figured”!

Tomorrow I am going to start using “Dawn” dish soap.  It says right on the label “dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove.”

  It pays to read the warning labels, my friends!

have a great Wednesday! I will have something to write later that is deeply profound and enlightening… maybe….

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