Jun 092011

#000000; font-family: Segoe UI;">we have been infested once again by the ROT rally folks…. ok, infested sounds pretty harsh… I like looking at all the bikes and such…but man these people have no respect for those of us who LIVE here…. and have to WORK in the morning….


#000000; font-family: Segoe UI;">cruising through the park in the wee hours, racking out their engines to show off their machines… who gives a shit really? what is so impressive about who can make the most noise?

#000000; font-family: Segoe UI;">I like bikes, bikers, and the culture that many of them participate in… most but not all… some are very nice respectable people, while others are scum… literal scum…


#000000; font-family: Segoe UI;">so over the next few days we are here living amongst the bikers and their sleazy babes (and using the word “babe” is a very far stretch) … while they make too much noise, dirty up our shower facilities, swarm the pool so that another soul could not possible enjoy it…. there will be trash and beer cans and remnants of their visit left behind for us to pick up… fun for us….


#000000; font-family: Segoe UI;">okay, I’m done bitching now… I will try to get some pics of the cool bikes to post…there are some crazy looking bikes that come to this thing! and some of the outfits and tattoos and overall general appearances….


#000000; font-family: Segoe UI;">p.s. I wonder how many of them know what ROT is about…. go look up the ROT group and see what you find… I will never attend ROT and give them my money…. here’s just one page that talks about the group.… notice the title of the page “Terrorist Organization Profile” … things that may or may not make you say hmmmmm

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. i wanted to get your rss FEED but feed site showing me some Xml errors..

  2. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers sugar. You are the bestest of the bestest!

    It’s all gonna be just fine.

  3. Oh…..and the group ROT is in NO way related to, nor affiliated with the R.O.T. Motorcycle rally that is held in Austin every year. You probably already know that, but some of your readers may not. R.O.T. Is just the name of the rally, not a MC organization.

  4. Just wait till I let Whitney read what you called her. “sleazy babe”…..man this is going to be fun to watch!!!!!

  5. along with your work schedule, this makes for a wonderful life doesn’t it.

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