Jun 112014

wheels turningHaving a little person spew from my body after I grew her is the stuff of miracles. When I think back on it, I’m awed. When I look at her now, and the little people she grew and spewed forth… well, it doesn’t seem hardly real but more surreal and impossible. Who would’ve ever thought my existence would ripple into what it has? Surely not me. Not the wallflower that always felt less than. That little person looked at me with the magic of pureness – the kind of pureness that lasts only those first few moments of life. As soon as the little people are taken from the room, the pureness fades. The light and aromas and chatter of the world assault them and instantly begin leeching the pureness away. Thus begins the journey of raising the little person and the forever challenge of trying to get that pureness back.

There are few things in life that have such a huge impact on a person…the family…the community… the world. The ripple of a child being born is far-reaching and lasts forever. Each of us is a ripple. Even if we don’t realize our contributions (positive and/or negative), they are there. Someone out there is or will feel the impact of our existence – choices – action – inaction. Isn’t that incredible?

But what is more incredible are the things happening all around us everyday. The bad stuff. The stuff that is completely preventable. The problem lies in the family, more specifically parents… or the responsible adults raising, caring for, and teaching a little person what is important… what is right and wrong… what it means to feel empathy and compassion. Those lessons are lacking anymore. The responsible adults are not available, interested, or maybe just too self-involved to help mold, shape, teach a little person the important stuff.

These lessons are not the responsibility of a school system or a church or a community. Sure, those entities should support and teach as well… but the primary obligation lies with the  responsible adult who created the little person.

I think the one thing that confuses me more than any other …. how can a woman grown a child inside her body – her body, soul, life nurturing the little person…how can a woman feel the life moving and becoming…how can that woman experience those things and then essentially turn her back on the little person? I completely understand some women don’t want to be moms or aren’t cut out for it – adoption is a wonderful thing! What I don’t understand are the moms that tell the world how excited they are to be a mom, how much they love the little person, how the little person is their whole reason for living… and as soon as the last sentiment is spoken the same woman turns her back on her creation because of some other self-important/involved thing.

This makes no sense to me.

Committing evil is not a viable solution to a problem. You don’t get your way so you hurt/maim/kill another person… unacceptable. But it’s what kids these days do. And the cycle continues. And it seems like no one wants to admit what the problem is. Easier to blame TV, movies, video games, gun laws…. whatever.

Be responsible – pay attention to the little person – teach morals and ethics – lead by example.

That’s the only way to turn this shit around.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Heart hurting. And I have no answers. I wish I did. I am not arguing that moral and ethical examples are the way… except that there is at least one (and possibly more) generations who haven’t seen a lot of it to pass on.

    • Exactly! The values of a good person are not being passed along. Evil is glorified. And the younger generations don’t understand (or don’t care) that death is final.

  2. The shooting that happened yesterday happened in the school my son attended for band and choir four years. And my daughter, who decided to try public school, attended there as well. It’s about two miles from my house.

    I have taken care of the children belonging to many faculty members from that school, including those of Todd Rispler, the PE teacher who was wounded and ran for the office and got the school locked down.

    I feel sorry for the families of the boys who are now dead. The family of the shooter as well as the family of the innocent victim.

    There is just no way to make sense of any of it. Political people are trying to use it to further their agenda, people on the other side using it to show how it was stopped because there were officers with guns on campus.

    And the grass will grow on the graves of two children. And no sense will ever be made from it.

    • That’s the sad part…. these events become about the shooter/suspect and the victims are all but forgotten. The glorification of the evil person serves no purpose other than giving them the attention they were seeking. If the media would stop the nonstop reporting and analysis of the suspect and spend time focused on the victims, well, that may help.

      I know your heart is hurting.

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