Aug 292013

You know, my day is just not complete without encountering a ricky racer. Today it was a woman in some type of mini van crossover SUV type car. Blue. Royal blue. There were 3 kids in the car that I could see…. unbelted, moving around. There could have been more little creatures in there hidden from my view.

I was driving along at the speed limit… 45 mph on a 4 lane road. Lunch hour traffic all around us. This woman with her precious cargo in the bright royal blue van came flying up behind me… flying! She began honking her horn as if she wanted everyone to move out of her way. There was no where for me to go. There were cars in front of me, cars to my right, and cars in the oncoming lanes of traffic. I don’t know where she thought any of us were going to go.

The car to my right slowed down a bit and left a gap barely big enough for a bicycle to fit through and somehow this woman managed to zip in there. Not that it made any difference. She moved up 1 whole car length. Joy! I’m sure she felt hugely successful with that maneuver. About this time the car in front of me slowed to turn left leaving another gap for the woman to claim as her own.

This went on for about 5 or 6 miles… with her honking all the while.

I forgot to mention… when she passed me she was laughing and talking to her precious cargo, or maybe singing with the music, or something. She did not look distressed or panicked or as if there was some life or death urgency going on.

At the end of the  5-6 mile drive we came to a stop light. And there she was…. 1 car ahead of me in the lane to my right. All that blustering and horn screaming and endangerment to the rest of us allowed her to manage 1 car length up sitting at the same flippin light as me.

My day was suddenly complete. Stupid woman who obviously sees no value in the kids lives, her own life and therefore, certainly not mine or the other drivers around us.


It’s a football night tonight. First pre-season game. Please Lord let us get a win! We desperately need to win. The boys need that momentum and confidence boost. The sky is heavy and purple and the angels are booming… but no rain is falling. It looks rather blustery out there as if the temperature should be refreshing if not almost brisk. But it’s not. It’s about 92 with a heat index near 100. Bleh.


I’m so proud of my Dad. He just had his 3rd round of chemo. Only 1 more to go.

The first round he tolerated exceptionally well. He had a few days of down & out but not much more than that. Then came the 2nd round. And it knocked him on his ass…. and his face, literally. And it took his hair. And it made him sick for about 12 days. His blood pressure was much too low, he was confused and dizzy and wobbly. But one day he came out of it and was doing pretty well. He went back to work again. For a week… then came round 3.

He’s prepared this time. He is expecting it to be bad like the 2nd time, which will make it easier to deal with. Hopefully he will avoid that downward mental spiral that he had last time when things got bad and he didn’t expect it. When we get sick it’s easy to get swallowed up by the feeling bad stuff and then it’s hard to remember it’s temporary, and necessary, and it will end… it will end.

This time he’s ready. He went to the store yesterday and stocked up on the creature comforts that help him feel better. He parked the car. And he’s sleeping. Sleeping. Good stuff. Sleep through the muck Dad. Sleep through it as much as you can. And when you wake, have some ice cream and strawberry shakes and Popsicles and Coke and anything else to help you feel a bit better. Then sleep again.

And in a few days, wake up feeling better… and in a few more days, wake up feeling decent.

Then round 4 and you are done! Dad, I’m so incredibly proud of you! This journey is a bitch and you are going through it with such grace and compassion and dignity. Your strength encourages me to get up each day and get my ass in gear… to go to work feeling like shit… I don’t have cancer. I don’t have chemo. I can trudge through my muck and keep going.

And so can you Dad.

I love you!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “Ricky Racers and Life’s Junk”

  1. Other drivers make me just a little insane sometimes. I visited my doctor yesterday, and although my blood pressure is almost always fine, it was up a bit. Completely due to the craziness of the drive over there.

    I am happy your dad is getting through this treatment. I hope he doesn’t suffer such awful effects this time.

  2. And what a lesson that woman is giving her children. Safety? Nah. Patience? Hell no. Tolerance? Who me?

    I am so pleased for your father. And hope these next rounds are better and that it is over v.v soon.

  3. If I live to be a hundred I will never understand drivers that race around like total maniacs. It is one of my pet peeves because I am often get tailgated while going OVER the speed limit (by about 5 miles). And why would someone drive that way with children in the car? And no seat belts? Is it not the law where you live? Argh! People make me so mad.

    I am glad your dad is almost done chemo. Sending love to your family. xo

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