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this is a purely rhetorical thinking here…. just getting some thoughts out….

why is it that this presidential campaign is all hung up on contraception and sexual habits? i mean really… sex is a personal choice… if you can’t afford the birth control, if your employer does not provide insurance coverage, if you don’t want to have a baby – then make the responsible choice to abstain until those things can be met. really. contrary to popular belief, sex is NOT a necessity…. really. i won’t even begin to talk about free speech, newspapers, talk show hosts and all that mess…. except to say that anyone has the right to say anything… we all have our opinions and in general, most people have become so thinned skinned that it is absolutely ridiculous…. grow up folks!

sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me…. right?

i would think that there are much more important issues at hand…. um – jobs, economy, foreign affairs, GAS, immigration, and on and on and on….

and if they really want to push the issue about insurance companies providing a benefit that others are opposed to, there are solutions….

  • make contraception and abortion and all those other controversial coverages part of a cafeteria plan such as dental, vision, etc
  • if that’s not acceptable, how about a waiver? allow those who don’t want the coverage to sign a waiver stating they don’t want it….

with either of these options, the only folks paying for the coverage would be those who want it… makes sense to me…

the only other issue at hand, as far as i can tell, is the gov’t forcing employers to offer a coverage that goes against their personal, religious, or company values. that shouldn’t be happening. if a person wants to have contraceptive coverage, then they ought not consider employment at a place that would be opposed to providing said coverage.

i’m not taking any political sides here…. i’m just saying that this campaign is off the rails here…. there’s been very little discussion about the true issues, the platforms of the various candidates… instead, we’ve heard nothing but bashing of a personal nature… who’s sleeping with who or not… who has what money trouble or not…. who goes to what church or not…

i could give a rat’s ass about someone’s religious choice…. what i do care about is the capability of a candidate to lead this country into recovery…. get our economy back on track. who is it that can lead us back into the nation we are meant to be? of course there are those out there that think we are already on that path…. then there are those who are terrified of the direction we are headed in….

and polls…. who are they polling? where are they finding the people to answer the questions? no one has called me, sent me an email, or snail mail… nor has anyone i know received any such correspondence asking for opinions…. makes me wonder…

i don’t know how the polling works, obviously… maybe it’s up to me to find a poll and give my opinion… not sure…

all i know right now is that all the politico’s vying for office are doing nothing to get there… they are in a huge soap opera plot … the desperate polictians in the cul-de-sac… this would make a better reality tv show than the kardashians….

  •  March 6, 2012
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