Nov 092011

so tomorrow night is round one playoff game…. this is actually a sad state of affairs… we have a team of boys who aren’t really a team…. coach is so incredibly frustrated right now… it’s as if the players don’t give a flyin shit about playoffs. seems that winning district was enough for them. i don’t understand that at all. at all.

LBJ District Champs 2011

the weather is changing once again… hot then cold then hot then cool then warm then cold then hot then freezing… and now for today it’s cool…tomorrow freezing they say… no wonder we can not get well or adapt to anything ha!

i’m going to start some GIS classes in the upcoming weeks. i’m actually rather excited about it. GIS on the surface seems pretty techie and quite boring…but when you consider all the things you can do with GIS, wow! it’s sort of right up my alley…. my alley is dark, dusty, and a bit treacherous…but it’s my alley nonetheless

there are so many things i want to do… and near enough time in the day to do them… each day i want to read, draw, take pictures… i want to play on the internet, learn, and loads of other things… so much i want to do… but by the time i get home from work there’s just no room for most of it…. and with a wonky schedule it’s even worse

ever since that possum was sleeping in our mosquito netting, beulah has been preoccupied… imagine that ha! the critter hasn’t been back but each time beulah goes outside, she goes on the hunt… she looks everywhere for the trespasser….

so my forever friend…. you remember her? and remember how she talked to my daughter several months ago and said she wanted to talk to me? she called again… a few days ago… and there was some amazing irony in that phone call… very sad… her daughter was just diagnosed with MS…. i hope she can come to terms with her diagnosis. i feel so bad for her daughter…she’s in her mid 20’s.. she has an 8 month old baby… she just started nursing school… it’s going to be a tough road for her… thankfully her husband is a caregiver – his mother has MS too.

but… i don’t know how i feel about that phone call…. on one hand i’m pissed… on the other, i’m hurt… badly. of course i talked to her and told her what i know, what i’ve learned over the last year. and i said she should have her daughter call me should she ever want to talk. i’m doing my best to be the better person here… even through my snarky thoughts and broken heart

so it’s that time of year again! coach is putting together his resume package and sending it out… all across the state… maybe this year will be the one… maybe this year we will be able to move on to a new community, new school…. keep your fingers crossed!

can you believe the holidays are just about here???? sheesh where has this year gone!?

just another picture

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “return of the forever friend…. AGAIN”

  1. I like this version of the theme better 🙂 and you all ready know what I think – you are the better person I agree. Just proceed with caution . …

    • i like this theme much better as well…. it’s funny – sometimes i get to thinking i want to make my page all pretty and colorful, but then when i do… i don’t like it lol i much prefer the simple, clean pages with a bit of art at the top…. works better for me

      as for the friend, always i will proceed with caution… i will not let my heart get hurt like this again by her

  2. Sherri, you ARE the better person. Even though she wasn’t there for you, I know you will be there for her. Whether its a mentor to her daughter in law or to her son, you don’t have it in you to hang up the relationship. Your struggles and trials that you endured this year are just beginning for her, and you of all people know what she might need to get through it.
    I, like you can’t seem to find the time to do everything that I need to in one day. I took off a week for the races and it’s taken me all week to catch back up. Kind of don’t seem worth it. Glad to hear that Coach has made the playoffs. Our boys went undefeated this year and are entering the first round this Friday night. It’s been a struggle for Cole and now that he has the cast and boot off he wants to get back out there. We just don’t want him injured for life and don’t know if that’s the right thing for him right now. It’s a constant battle, and it breaks his heart to have to stand on the sidelines every Friday night.

    • thanks so much wendell! you are a sweet man 🙂 it still just hurts me when i remember how she disappeared, and then how she told my kid that she had “come to terms” with my illness… i never understood how it was hers to come to terms with… i mean, i know it must’ve been a lot for her to hear, and i know she was hurting for me… but i NEVER thought she’d just go away

      i think we all need more time in the day! so much lately it seems that we are all living to work instead of working to live…. i’ve always had this thought that life is to be enjoyed… it’s the downtime, the personal time that we all so look forward to… and we work so that we can have that time with the things we enjoy… but the past few years, the work time has increased (while the money decreases) and so there is much less personal time… ugh

      let us know how y’all do in the game… never know, we may show up if y’all make it to the next round 🙂

  3. You ARE the better person, simply because you continue to give of yourself to this person. Don’t lose that. Blessings will come your way for your selfless acts. I continue to be in awe of you, my friend!

  4. I am angry and hurt for you (and me). It seems your friend could only call when SHE wanted/needed you. Bah. I am sorry for her and for her daughter but so so angry at the way she betrayed your friendship. ( I lost people that way too.)

    • you know, the few times she has texted me and the two times she has called it has been because she wanted/needed something that i could provide…. our relationship was so deep, our bond great… i just don’t understand how that all goes away so easily… i guess i never will.

      the sad thing is that just when i’m getting over it, well, okay healing a bit and not hurting so much… sheesh, that’s right when she calls again! i feel so badly for her daughter and i will do whatever i can to help her… she has nothing to do with the relationship between her mother & i… it would not be fair of me in any way to turn my back on either of them now… they are going to need help

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