Jan 102014

Sitting in a crowded waiting room waiting for my 4 o’clock appointment with my neurologist. At almost 5 o’clock I was sitting in the 2nd waiting room in the back office. This waiting room is small in size and it is filled with small chairs situated very close together. I think they are even smaller than airplane seats… in width I mean. The room was full. There were a couple of folks in wheelchairs in the middle of the room, a lady with a rollator, a woman standing on crutches having obvious balance trouble, and a variety of others. The man next to me had his whole family with him – wife and 2 young boys… maybe 4 and 6ish. The wife was talking on her phone, loudly. The man was picking his teeth with some little plastic thingie causing the occasional random unidentifiable particle to fly out into the air around us all.. And his children are all over the place. Running, laughing loudly, kicking walls, hiding behind decorative plants, dodging in & out of patient rooms, and zipping around between all the patients. Everyone was very nervous. This was a  neurology office… Many of us aren’t so steady on our feet – nerve wracking.

All went well with the actual appointment… except that my appointment was at 4 and the doctor finally saw me at 6. I was walking to my car around 6:15. Holy cow.

Coach will be having a large time this weekend. He gets to do some remodeling… a project! He’s been dying for a project all year. We bought a couple of recliners which will be delivered tomorrow. The “couches” get yanked out and recliners moved in. I’m a happy girl. My own recliner! I don’t think I’ve ever had a chair… my chair. Like Edith. My own chair.

Next up on the remodel is to pull out this “dining table” and bench seating. We are going to put in cabinets across the whole wall topped with some pretty wood. In the “dining room” the top will extend over the edge of the cabinets making a bar type seating area and I’ll get a couple high chairs to sit in. More storage, more aesthetic.


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Your description of the noisy/tooth-picking family made me annoyed and amused. UGH.

    My neuro appointment is at the end of the month. Past experience has led me to always ask for the first one of the day; otherwise, I’d end up waiting for AGES.

    Enjoy your Edith chair!

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