Feb 242010

i am on facebook….
i just joined a group about remembering southwest houston….this is where i grew up. it has been fun reading the posts. i had forgotten about so many things in the area and so reading the posts has spurred my memory about a lot of things.

there was a restaurant that had a carousel inside. it was a burger joint. the kids would eat on the carousel and the adults could enjoy dinner in a booth without the annoyance of their kids. my favorite animal on the carousel was the bright pink pig… all the animals had food trays attached to their heads -served as a table top.

then there was the super slide near meyerland plaza. and the meyer speedway race track. we used to go there quite a bit. i loved going to the races with my dad! and the drive in theater with many screens…i don’t remember how many screens but at least 3. one time they had the planet of the ape-a-thon. we went and watched every planet of the ape movie in the proper order. we were there all night! as a kid, we thought was the coolest thing ever. my parents had a green chevy station wagon and we would load up with pillows and blankets. my brother & i would be in our pj’s…we liked to lay on top of the wagon with our stuff and watch movies there. i miss the drive in.

and the old abbott school school house for burgers, the oil company restaurant, fat franks – oh god i loved fat franks! the best and biggest chicken fried steak!!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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