Oct 262010

so i don’t know if you have noticed or not but i’ve been MIA the past few days…. i probably still should be ha!

i had myself so worked up about this stupid lumbar puncture…. but you didn’t know that did you? i was a nervous wreck for two weeks… just the name makes it sound like an absolutely HORRID procedure..something to be dreaded… well let me clear things up for you a bit right now…

the procedure itself…. not so bad…not fun, but not HORRID….

the recovery? now this is what they should warn us all about! holy hell! i have been down for 4…yes 4!…days. at this point in the game i would settle for being able to have a conversation go like this:

You: “so how are you today? feeling any better?”
Me: “i’m marginal today…”  <—  that’s what i dream of being able to say

i will NEVER NEVER NEVER submit to this procedure again… unless i’m dying of course and it’s the only thing that can possibly save my life… then maybe MAYBE i might consider…. i am writing my medical wishes down…and i am making sure coach knows that absolutely no way would i consider doing this test again…unless of course i’m dying and it’s the only thing that would save my life….

so let me tell you a bit about recovery…

but first, a detail i forgot to mention in my previous post…. they needed blood…. sheesh…blood and spinal fluid all in one day… anywho, a paramedic was going to do the blood draw…he jabbed my vein in the crook of my elbow and got nothing…nada…no blood..missed my vein completely… so one would think he would move to the other arm and try there…right? nope….he proceeded to examine my wrist…the INSIDE of my wrist…he drew blood from the inside of my wrist… YEEEOUCH!…why the hell didn’t he just look at the top of my hand? or for pete’s sake – my other arm? shit!

ok so now on to recover –
my instructions were simple…stay flat for 24 hours except to pee and eat… easy as pie…made it through friday…saturday stay flat for most of the time but try getting up a bit, drink plenty of fluids, ibuprofen for pain, and caffeine for headaches if needed…okay…got it

saturday wasn’t horrible except that my back was really hurting…really. my lower back was the worst…and up between my shoulder blades was pretty miserable too. i managed to get up a few times but after about 10 minutes – oh pressure…pain! back to  bed…

saturday night was bad…i slept in 1 hour intervals…my back was absolutely killing me!

sunday  morning i just knew i’d be good to go…i mean 48 hours should be good…. wrong. i sat up on the edge of the bed and thought i was going to spew vomitous material all over the wall…and it’s only 1 foot away from my face…would’ve been bad ha! the pounding pain in my  head was unreal… it’s not like a normal headache…i can think of no way to describe it adequately… it felt as though my head was a big pimple..the kind that are deep with a hard core… the kind the requires a vice to pop… and it felt like it was going to explode at any moment… every time i got up – instant nausea… damn

by late sunday evening i was beginning to feel a bit better than earlier in the day..still worse than saturday…my neck was killing me by that point…but i was able to sit up for 10-15 minutes… i moved out to the couch for a bit because the scenery in the bedroom was getting pretty boring…

i figured monday i will be good…. wrong. i had to call in sick… i still have the pimple like headache with the pressure and horrid pain… but i can manage to be up for about 30 minutes…. the back doesn’t hurt so much anymore but it seems to be focused in the neck… ugh…

i hope tomorrow is good…hell that will be 4 days of recovery…i better be alright…but again, i would settle for marginal…

i want to take this opportunity to say a big fat thank you to COACH! he is the most incredible man i’ve known. he has taken such wonderful care of me…waiting on me…getting me whatever i need… i know it’s a pain in the ass… and i’m every so grateful for him. he never once complained or rolled his eyes or even sighed at my requests (or if he did it wasn’t in front of me). he spent a good portion of friday and saturday in the bed laying with me to keep me company… sunday he had to get up…laying in bed doing nothing was taking a toll on him ha! bless his heart – i so love this man!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. oh dear! my LP experience was similar. I was fine on the day but was totally out for the count for the following 4 days! worst.headache.ever
    glad you have someone to look after you.. hope you feel better

    • I think my LP was worse than the disease LOL I hope I never ever have to do that again…. I was very lucky to have Coach around to help me… well, more to wait on me ha. I just laid in bed for days and days….

  2. My, My, My … No fun !!!
    The Lumbar Puncture procedure as well as an Epidural is hella scary for my too …
    In my health issue I got lucky and only needed a bone marrow sample which is nothing compare to what you had to go through …
    Hang in there !!!
    Take care …

    • oh man…i hated the puncture…more though was the recovery…it took me a full 7 days to get rid of the spinal headache! i can’t imagine a bone marrow sample! that sounds awful!!!

  3. This makes me so angry to read. A neuro wanted to do a spinal tap at my partner’s first appt., I asked how is it? Dr, said, no big deal, she just has to lay flat for a few hours after. I said, we took a taxi here! Dr said, “just lay her in the back.” I hate that Dr sooo much. Of course I said to the Dr.–FORGET IT. First do no harm. Geez.

    • sometimes the information they give us can be so very deceptive. my neuro said the puncture wasn’t going to be as bad as i was thinking…in that regard, he was right. the actual puncture wasn’t horrible – not my first choice in activities, but not near what i was anticipating. as for recovery – they said flat for 24-48 hours, follow instructions and you’ll be fine with no headache. bullshit. i did EXACTLY what they told me… and i was in such misery! today is 7 days post procedure and it’s the first day that i have no headache, no neck pain, no back pain…. it is the last time i will every do this…

  4. I just read all of the comments…LOL! Yeah, Coach sounds like a keeper!
    Hope today is a good day for you 🙂

  5. I hope your recovery gets easier and that you can be up and about as soon as possible. God bless!

  6. Sounds like you survived . . . and with humor still intact! You are a brave one, and Coach, too! Sometimes we tend to forget that our illness can be scary for our loved ones as well. Wishing you my best!

  7. What a horrible experience! This is one precedure I’ve always been afraid of. There’s a reason I didn’t ever have an epidural with any of my kids — I don’t want a needle in my back. You are so brave to have gone through with it despite your fear. But I can’t say you’ve done much for my fear.

    I will say an extra prayer for you tonight: that your recovery will be swift and that you may continue to be pampered by your lovely spouse.

    Best wishes.

    • ha! i haven’t done much for my own fear either…. i too had my child naturally because i hated the idea of a needle in my back…still do! i knew that it was going to be awful… i just thought the needle would be worse than the recovery. i figured with my story-telling here i would not really help fears but at least the next person may be able to know truly what to expect … you know all they tell you is…”oh it’s not that bad”… whatever… ha! thanks for stopping by Miss Robin…love your blog!

  8. Get better really soon! What a sweet tribute to your man too.

  9. Coach sounds like a great person ! Hang in there through the rough times , there is always things to come that will make it all worth it. Sounds crazy I know……………………Life is good. It is left to ones attitude how enjoyable it will be. No one said it would be “fun” all the time. Make the best of your unfortunate situation at the time and wait for the rewards. Everyone suffers in different ways just hang in there. Prayers are with you Sherri. One day at a time works well ! Hope you feel better soon.

    • he is very good… he is in it for the long haul (for now) ha! i’m working on the one day at a time thing. and i know you of all people will know what i mean when i say this… i lay in bed staring at the ceiling longing for a time when i can just feel okay… when i can think to myself “ok, this doesn’t feel too bad, i can get going today”… i don’t expect to ever feel normal again (whatever that is) but i would like to feel okay… guess i have to figure out what the new okay is…. thanks for your prayers and thoughts…. they are appreciated so much!

  10. I’m so sorry you have had such a rough time. A neurologist once told me, he would never have a lp, unless he was totally paralyzed and near death. There you have it.
    I hope you start to feel really a lot better soon. And yay coach!!

    • oh karen! i so did not want to do this…the only lucky thing (if there is such a thing) is that the neuro who did the test is also an MS patient who has been through the process…that helped…at least he knew what to expect… most of the docs have never had any of this done to them so they have no clue when they tell you “ah, it’s not that bad” ….

  11. You’re a real trooper Sherri and you are definitely blessed to have coach on your side. Keep your head up or maybe not just yet. Wait until the headaches subside. Love ya!

    • ha lillian! so far this morning it’s better…some pressure but no pain yet… keeping my fingers crossed…i’m attempting work today… oof! i’m so blessed to have coach! can you imagine if i was still back home alone? you guys would all be on shift duties to check on me…. welfare checks! ha!

  12. Damn I’m good

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