Jan 042013

-While I did very well on our big 12 day roadtrip, I sure am paying for it now. I have done little to nothing since we got home. I’ve done the important stuff like cook dinner. But other than that? Nada. Zilch. Zippo. I have fallen asleep sitting at my table a few times today. I wake up snoring (I admit it… I snore). I move my happy ass to the couch and snooze off & on til my body hurts from the limited positioning available on said couch. We’ve been drinking cup after cup of coffee to no avail.

-I have officially entered the recovery portion of my vacation. I hope it doesn’t last too long. It took me about 5 months to recover from the big move…. man, I hope I don’t have to go through that again from a vacation!

-Tonight will be date night (if I can manage to keep my stinkin eyes open). During our date night we will be mindful of those who have made it possible through the giving of gift cards. First will be dinner at Chili’s then dessert at Starbucks. These are two of my most favorite places so it works out well. Edit – just home from date night… we only did Chili’s because we were so full from dinner that it would’ve been stupid to try and drink coffee from Starbucks. I can’t see wasting the gift card when I’m too full to enjoy the wonderful goodness of coffee. So now I will get a second date night! Go Me!

-I mentioned in a previous post that I’m not a good passenger…

Windshield Dancing much to Coach’s dismay

These things are amazing… and highly addictive. Highly.


-Oh! And I mentioned the really cool lamp…

-We’ve had winter here in the Valley for the past few days… well, since we’ve been home and it’s projected to last for another week or so. I like it but after dealing with 12 days of winter on our vacation, well, that’s a lot of cold air working on my body. I feel the beast awakening in response to the winter weather. This only means one thing…. the chicken is about to make an appearance. I hope it’s not too bad. And I hope it doesn’t last too long… it shouldn’t because the temps around here should be back up to the 70’s soon. I really don’t want to think about maybe possibly starting a new job while walking like a stupid chicken. That’s if I get the job of course.

-Speaking of the job, I hope to hear something this coming week. We’ve both been nervous, excited, anxious, and a bit stressed about it.

-Time to sign off now and start catching up on my blog reading (I am sooo far behind!) while I watch a bit o’football… but the game I’m really looking forward to is Monday… ND vs Alabama… (I can’t believe I just admitted to looking forward to a football game…what has happened to me?)

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “Recovering”

  1. I’m so glad you had a wonderful vacation. Now, indulge yourself with that rest — who does it hurt if you relax/ snooze/ sleep a lot? If you need it, don’t fight it. My fingers are crossed for your new job (and no, it’s not from a muscle spasm!)

  2. I snore too……acccccckkkkkk. Seems I am always recovering from something. Rest up, and take care.

  3. The holiday festivities do take it out of us. Hope you recover fast. I like Webster do not get much outta using a cane. I do have a pole stick thingy that I use sometimes because I can move it where I want left side, right side, and center when needed. That said when I have used my friends four wheeled rolator? like Webster said way more stable. Me I am still a chicken most of the time or I use my scooter. Just me I guess I still like trying to walk best I can because I figure someday I wont be able to walk even like a chicken . …

    Cool foot shot there – tennis shoes yeah!

  4. Coast on the fumes of good memories for as long as you can. Then maybe the engine will catch and you’ll be driving again. Anyway, it’s cheap on gas mileage. Metaphorically speaking, of course!

  5. I hope your recovery time is much smaller than the vacation. Sadly, that is something I know far tooooo well. Do something I want to do (just for a day even) and spend the next week paying for it. Bah.
    It is hovering in the high nineties here – and tipped to go over the 100 several times in the next week. I am doing my best to turn into a troll and only come out at night. And yes, fall into a coma fifteen times a day.
    Fingers crossed on the job front. Still.

  6. I am sorry that 12 days of vacation leads to whoever knows how many days of snoozing. I hope it was worth it (actually I know it was).

    If you get the job, and I think you will, invest in a wheeled walker. Then you won’t be slowed down by your MS. It will lessen your fatigue soooo much, Sherri, you won’t believe it. Canes are worthless IMO. They provide little to no stability. A single forearm crutch provides much more stability, and can help you prevent a fall if you lose your balance. Any of these options are better than walking like a chicken through the office. None of these options will help with the cog fog, though, unfortunately, as that is what will really affect your performance on the job. Chicken legs, not so much.

    I don’t have a Chili’s close by, so haven’t tried them. However, Starbuck’s has just come out with a limited edition special Vanilla Spice Latte. Sounds like one I’d like to try. Two date nights on gift cards sounds like a pretty good Christmas gift to me!

    Happy New Year to you both!

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