Jul 062012
  • Seguin has sure grown into a regular town… it used to be so rural
  • Fritoes and Bean Dip has to be one of the easiest and best travel snacks… and it’s just so trashy
  • I would love the chance to see Jimmy Buffet in concert… maybe one day he’ll come to the island?
  • The Guadalupe River was so pretty and full! I have such good memories of floating down the river… it was something that I will always treasure… thanks mom!
  • When we were loading things up to move, I wasn’t much help on some of the big ticket items. I’m so very grateful for the few neighbors that came over and helped him out.
  • What the heck is “Texas Drop Fudge”? I’m almost afraid to look it up.. in these parts, it could be something like cow patties ha! Stockdale, TX has a huge billboard at the city limits for the fudge…guess that’s what that town is known for
  • Those guys/gals who drive the big trucks for the oil field work are nutso…they own the road i guess.
  • I have come to the conclusion that pulling trailers makes me anxious… and I wasn’t even driving… I spent all those trips back & forth watching the rearview mirror…
  • It was fascinating to watch how much the geography/topography changes across Texas. Hills, mountains (yes), flat lands, deserts, swamps….
  • I still feel like I am breaking some rule by not going to work every day
  • The butterfly swarms are not making very good time at all… they were in Alice on the last trip…
  • Which is correct – pled or pleaded?
  • I think Beulah left a trail of herself all the way from Central Texas to South Texas… every place we stopped she marked about 20 areas… I didn’t know a girl could pee that much!
  • One trip, we stopped in Three Rivers because I HAD to pee…. never again…don’t stop in Three Rivers to use the restroom… you’d be better off going on the side of the road with the oil truck drivers honking and hooting
  • That bathroom smelled so bad that it burned the tissue off the inside of my nostrils… I was using my shirt as a breathing filter as I hovered over the filthy porcelain… that shirt has a permanent stain now
  • In Kenedy, we found a radio flea market… called the Jeff Williams Trading Post… the writing on that thing is hilarious… someone had a free red rooster & a companion cat for free… another ad was for a “honey of a travel trailer…the lady is too old to travel. it is a grey off road trailer”… the radio host reading the ads had such flair… she was really into it and emphasized the more descriptive words… podunk greatness!
  • There is a HUGE sunflower farm on Hwy 281 about 60 miles from our home. It was amazingly huge. I am talking about 5 or 6 miles of road frontage and as far deep as I could see….
  • Did you know that many of the rest areas in Texas have WiFi? Cool idea
  • I cannot imagine being without power in this heat…. one would think that with all the advances in science, well, why can’t someone shoot a rocket up into that high pressure and move it over a tad? or something… i mean… they know how to make it rain (seeding), they know how to smash atoms… how hard would it really be to cool things down a bit?
  • We need to buy a generator
  • I wonder why Sirius radio doesn’t offer TV and internet… they have great radio streaming with no interruption… well, unless you sit under a bridge or something. It doesn’t seem to far a stretch for them to offer TV and internet


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