Aug 262012
  • #000000;">It has been a crazy few days. And boy am I paying for it. I’ve gotten a taste of what it would be like should I have to go back to work & it’s not tasting so good actually. Friday wiped me out; Saturday was spent in bed mostly. I had a 4.5 hour nap in the morning then another 4 hour nap in the afternoon. I can’t tell you how much I hate that. It seems like such a waste of a day. But the bright side is that I saved us money simply by sleeping ha! I didn’t eat, didn’t smoke, didn’t drive anywhere… I figured I saved us right around $20.
  • #000000;">Today was a busy day. The first day of school is tomorrow & the coaches still hadn’t had time to get into their classrooms to set up. So I spent about 2.5 hours hanging border on the bulletin boards, posters on the walls, putting things in Coach’s office, arranging desks… whew! When I left the school I had to hit the grocery store to pick up a few things – sure seems like I spend lots of time at the grocery store! I also need quarters to do the laundry with. That was a journey in itself… it took me about 45 minutes to find a change machine in working order. Sheesh.
  • #000000;">Needless to say, the beast is raging. There’s a list of new symptoms… brand new ones. Not cool. I’m making my list for the neurologist so he can include them in my chart… here’s hoping it will help the disability lawyer. Does anyone else get the hot foot? My left foot feels like it’s on fire… that burning neuropathy stuff. Last night I had to hang it off the bed because the sheets made it hurt even more. I thought maybe it was a pressure spot… you know how if you sit in one position too long and there is pressure applied to the same spot for a while.. that sort of tingly-burning-numb feeling? Usually when I get those sensations they clear up in under an hour. This time it’s hanging around… it’s been with me since Friday night. Bleh. My right arm is hanging… like a heavy ass limp noodle. The hand is fine… well, not fine but not any worse than it’s been. Mostly fisting up and cramping on me. I’m just falling apart like the old jalopy that I am. Poor Coach.
  • #000000;">The other night I was standing in the bathroom picking my face. It’s part of the night time routine… I’m guessing there are lots of people that do the same thing. Anyhow… I am picking & squeezing when something caught my eye… on my right cheek…. CHEEK… a ½ inch long black ass hair! It grew overnight… had to have because I had picked my face the night before and it wasn’t there… How is it that those black hairs grow so fast? And so long? And on my cheek? I’ve sort of gotten accustomed to checking the chin, neck, and upper lip area… guess I’ll have to add the cheek to that list. Wonderful.
  • #000000;">I discovered that the first-day-of-school eve is NOT the time to hit the stores. Holy shit. It was a madhouse like I’ve never experienced before!
  • #000000;">I got the grandgirls registered to play soccer in the fall … they are very excited about it. I hate that I won’t see any of their games. I’ve told their parents that they WILL be posting pictures & videos or they will have to give me a full refund! haha
  • #000000;">Time to go check the rice & put the clothes in the dryer…
  • #000000;">Happy first day of school to all you school type people out there…
  • #000000;">For the rest of you – may your Monday be filled with things that make it feel more like Wednesday


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  7 Responses to “Rambling on Sunday”

  1. I remember when I was newly diagnosed, back in the day, a few nights when one leg would be burning hot to the touch and the other would be ice cold; then the next night it would shift legs! I had my Mom feel them to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. But no, that was just how my neuropathy was for awhile during my first year. Thank God it went away. Now, 30 years later, my feet are cold all the time. I can’t do much to keep them comfortable. Alas.

    Also, naps are restorative, not waste of time. I can’t believe that the coaches weren’t allowed into their classrooms until just before classes begin. Crazy! It’s nice that you were all restored to go in to fix up the room for him and the kids. You are so good.

    Feel better soon. Looks like this hurricane is going to miss you by miles. 😀

  2. love this post! I also hate sleeping the day away! x

  3. Dear Sherri,
    Good grief. You packed so much activity and the course of the weekend! And doing all of that with MS and being a good wife to boot! You are wonder woman! I know what you mean about those power naps. Right really do feel like you wasted a whole day. You didn’t. You listen to your body and doing what it tells you to. Bless your heart my friend. You know my thoughts are with you

  4. Wow! You really did a lot!! I’d be more than fatigued! Yes, I do get hot foot, and in the winter, it’s frozen. Hope you have less tiring day, today.

  5. Before I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea I slept all the time and yes, I saved money! It really is a drag to be so tired all the time. When I had testing done it showed that I was waking up on average every 45 seconds so even after I napped I was still tired. it was awful so I feel bad that you have to sleep so much.

  6. Hot leg here. I often have it stuck out of the bed. Though, just to be contrary, I went through a period where my feet felt cold and wet all the time. I had to actually reach down and touch them to make sure they were dry. Humph.
    Here’s hoping the beast backs off for you.

  7. Ya, my right foot is my “bad” one. I actually stick it in the snow in the winter to releive the “hot foot” syndrome.

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