Jul 252012

I finally got another box unpacked today ha! It’s such a slow and boring process. But it must get done… I cannot stand looking at these blasted brown boxes anymore. Maybe instead of unpacking them, I can sort of decorate them…a bit o’paint, some doodles, some collage maybe… would make them more pleasing to look at anyway.

Okay, I’ll unpack them.

Our little yard so needs a haircut. The weed whacker was out of cord so we bought some several days ago. It needs to be threaded onto the spool. I can’t do that. My hands don’t work that way anymore. So this afternoon, you won’t believe what I did (okay, yes you can). I went outside, scissors in hand, and began cutting. LOL I’m sure I was quite a sight. I got the longest pieces cut around my plants. Progress. My hand quickly cramped or I probably would’ve worked my way around the yard. Snip! Snip!

I’m having a large time on Pinterest. I love that place. It’s a fancy bulletin board where I can pin up all the things I want to remember or re-visit at some point. I’ve been watching some great videos from an artist that I really admire. Exploring other artists really helps me. I start to see how things are done. Next step is being able to do it myself LOL One in particular I’ve really enjoyed browsing… I pinned a few of his drawings on my boards and he followed me! Oh how embarrassing! He’s so on another level. But I guess this is one of the best ways for me to learn and grow.

I am looking forward to my big payday. I’m going to Hobby Lobby… I want to get some more acrylic ink, india ink, and some nibs to work with. Oh, and some better watercolors. I sweat when I go in that store… not a good thing to let me loose in there unsupervised.

A blog friend has been making some great dolls lately. I love looking at her work when she posts. She is so creative and full of talent. She also paints and does all sorts of other artsy stuff.

I guess I should end this here… seems I really don’t have too much to say, just rambling around here.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I joined Pinterest, not really that thrilled with it. I guess I’m not into looking at stuff that much. It is useful for tacking things up instead of bookmarking though. I love arts and crafts stores. I just got some Prismacolor pencils last week. Had to mortgage the house to pay for them…hahaha!

    • i’m jealous! i would LOVE to have some Prismacolor stuff! but as you said, so expensive… i don’t have a mortgage so i’d have to sell a leg and part of an arm lol

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