Aug 142011
  • been a long week… hot… lots of work… 6 days this week of work
  • I’m dragging ass so to speak… not that my ass literally drags on the floor, but well you know what I mean
  • this eye pain is still with me… thankfully no abrupt vision changes… just a bit of vignetting around the vision field…I can live with that
  • still no end in sight on this damn heat… checking the 10 day forecast shows more and more of the same
  • and no rain either
  • those folks in north Texas held onto all the rain yesterday…stingy bastards Winking smile
  • no big news really happening around here…and that is not a bad thing in reality
  • coach is working today on trying to figure out then fix our leaky poo water situation
  • I’m tired of having shit seep up through my floor
  • kinda gross
  • I have a few weeks coming up in which I will be working all 7 days… bleh
  • only a few more months of that crap and I can slow down
  • we have some MAJOR bills that will be paid off on October 31st… woot!
  • slowly but surely we are getting to that place of financial okayedness
  • about time
  • we both bust are asses long and hard hours day in day out and struggle more than I wish we had too
  • damn economy
  • I got to spend some time with all the grandgirls and my daughter yesterday after work
  • I like that
  • they are growing up so fast
  • the twins turned 6 on Friday… I can’t believe I am old enough to have 6 year old grandchildren
  • the little, who will be 2 in a few short weeks, is a an absolute hoot
  • she has more personality in her little self than should be allowed
  • I better wrap this up and run for cover!
  • coach is getting a tad bit into his work
  • which translates to a fraction of frustration and cursing is going on
  • I get very nervous in these types of situations
  • not because of coach but because of my abusive history
  • anywho… happy Sunday! hope you all had a great weekend!
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  10 Responses to “rambles for this fine sunday afternoon”

  1. I never thought I would say this but….I miss working;)

  2. ✭god bless coach
    ✭if muttered curses help let him have it
    ✮I also get kind of nervous and tense when CM gets like that on a project or whatever. Scares me. Historical.
    ✮Have you found out why your eye hurts?
    ✮You work too hard. We have at least 3 more years to pay the big ones. Our day will come too. I’m happy for you both that your day is around the corner. What a relief.
    ✮Enough already with that heat –
    ✮you are my role model for endurance, wit and southern charm
    Have as easy a week as is possible.

  3. You are working soooo hard. I don’t know how you do it – particularly in the heat. Blech. Sending wishes for cool rain your way (we could do with it here too).

  4. very creative 🙂 I quite enjoyed that post!

    And I’m sending you cool weather wishes

  5. Stingy rain thieves they are…..oh wait, I AM. As bad as I DIDN’T want to work in it yesterday, it was sure refreshing. Then when it quit….man was it hot and steamy. I had sweat in places that I’m not even proud of!

    • amazing how the sweat finds those types of places…. haha

      i’m so looking forward to the day when it finally rains that sweet gloriously refreshing water from the sky

  6. Bwaaaaahahahaha to the second to the last comment…I can picture you giving a little shove to him in the arse…..
    You have had a busy week!! Hope your eye problem goes away.
    Babies…they just grow up too fast!
    And, yes, the economy sucks…big time :-/

    • i have thought of giving him a little “shove” hahaha but might not be such a good idea right now as he is wading through small currents of poo water LOL i am so glad i have him for this sort of work… because i don’t know that i could do it

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