Aug 252011


at least i think that is what i’m seeing ha! i’ve about forgotten what it’s like

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “rain?”

  1. Praise the Lord & have a partay. Rain. Rain. Happy for you. We have been getting the rough edges of Irene, but the worst missed us.
    wow, you are doing big things with your site. Is it WordPress that gives you so much to work with – All the things you can do are incredible. I love that you keep changing, making it fresher all the time. I love the surprise of opening to you page. I’m jealous.
    stay cool, stay wet.

  2. I left the rain for you this past weekend, it just now woke up and moved in.
    I love the new look on you. It does wonders for your figure girly!

    • well you didn’t leave nearly enough rain… 5.3 minutes of rainfall isn’t gonna do much for us… but i do appreciate the attempt 🙂

      i sorta like my new look too… it’s growing on me…

      happy birthday to your Mom!!

  3. ok it’s over… after only 4.3 minutes of rain, it’s over… but at least the temp outside right now is only about 85!! that is an amazing thing…. but… the high this weekend is forecast at 110 freakin degrees!

  4. Rain! What is it? Where do I get some? Sigh.

    And yes, these changes are leaving me a tad confused (not hard) too. A bright new look though.

  5. Well dammit girl, send some our way!!! I’m kinda digging the new color scheme etc, but it’s messing with my head that you have all the hoohah stuff on the left instead of the right. I’m a woman on the edge, you know.

    • it’s sort of messing with me too… lol

      i saw this theme and really really liked it!

      and the footer stuff i love! woot!

      the rain has already stopped… stupid mother nature just keeps teasing us….

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