Oct 272012

-I’ve been drinking lots o’java the past few days. Muffie was talking about pumpkin on her blog and my mouth watered. So… I broke out the pumpkin spice & have been adding it the java… man o man that’s some good stuff!

-The cool front finally made it to hades. Today has been so pleasant! With the cold comes list #2 of symptoms & I can maybe put away list #1…maybe. On list #2 is horrible, wonky walking but I’ll take it because at least I don’t feel like have the flu from hell all the time. Last winter my thinking was a bit clearer as well… so maybe now that it’s cooled down a bit my mind will clear up. I’m not holding my breath though. Speaking of holding your breath – have any of you noticed that it’s more difficult to do these days? I mean, it’s like the beast doesn’t want me to hold my breath. I’ve also noticed that I take shallow breaths. I looked it all up & naturally… it’s the beast.

-I’m very happy with some of the photos I took this morning at the JV game. I hope I never stop getting excited when I look at some of the shots.

-As I was sit here typing, I have suddenly become very dizzy. Wow. Not sure what that’s all about. Maybe the pumpkin spice is going to my head. I might have to cut back on that stuff! Since it’s sort of a holiday flavor my body isn’t use to the pumpkinny goodness (yes, I made up that word).

-Coach is home already! Actually he got home about ½ hour ago… the sun is still up. AND… he’s off tomorrow! The whole entire day! They don’t have a game next weekend… it’s their off week. I don’t know what I’m going to do with him hanging around the house all day. I’m not used to that anymore. We have a few things we have to take care of though.

-We went to take some feed out to the pony yesterday. He’s sick… bless his heart. He looks awful. We have an appointment at the vet clinic Tuesday. I hope it’s nothing more than needing to be wormed with the good shit the vet has. He’s lost all the weight he started putting back on. It’s so pitiful. The good thing is that he’s still happy, snortin’, and being a nasty stud horse. All good indicators.

-After taking care of the horse food, we went to the Social Security office and the drivers’ license office. Coach had his original old ass SS card. The school district didn’t recognize it so they wouldn’t accept it for his employee records. Some of his co-workers apparently gave him a bad time… his SS number is 18, the card is on parchment, and etc. I think he secretly likes the old guy jokes. Shoot, he likes all attention ha! (Love you honey) There was a point to mentioning this other than to point out that Coach is, um, older (than me). The girl woman that helped us at the SS office was reading through her list of interview questions required for the process of being issued a new card. One of the questions has to do with race. You know the drill…



Asian/Pacific Islander

Native American/Indian


So as she is reading this list off, she gets to the third choice there…. “Asian, Pacific Izz Lander” … Izz Lander? Holy crap. She works for the federal government and can’t read the word Island? Wow.

-Finally, my kind of reality TV is showing up on my screen. Last night it was the Ink Masters marathon. Love that show! The skin art those folks do is amazing. After that a show called Tattoo Nightmares was on. The artists on this show specialize in cover-ups. Talk about some incredible work. Wow. Even if you aren’t into skin art, you would appreciate the artistry shown.

-I can’t believe I’m following football these days. I mean, football other than the team Coach is coaching. I hate football… or I did. The one team I “follow” or root for is Notre Dame. They’re on tonight. Yay! You may (or may not) wonder why I follow Notre Dame. Did I go to school there? Do I know someone who went to school there? Do I know someone who works there? Do I have any affiliation with the school at all in any sense of the the word affiliation? No, no, no and no. Those are the same answers for any team other than the one Coach is coaching. But I felt a need to root for somebody… I mean, if we’re going to be watching football all the stinkin time it’s more fun if I have “a team”…. The reason I chose to root for Notre Dame is the whole Catholic thing. I couldn’t think of reason to follow/root for any of the others. So there ya’ go.

-Right now we are watching Texas Tech v Kansas State. Well, I’m watching it… Coach is watching it through his eyelids… and making lots of deep breathing noises over there on his couch. We watch Tech because one of the players is a kid he coached in high school. It’s nice to see those kids go on to college and do well. It didn’t happen often at that school.

There’s something about the texture of shells that I really like.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  5 Responses to “Pumpkinny Goodness & Izz Landers”

  1. Brilliant action packed photo. Like you and Karen I have a whole different range of manifestations in winter – and they are easier to deal with. The breathing issue has got me thinking as well.

  2. I really wish I was a pumpkin spice fan. I don’t like pumpkin, pie, muffins, donuts, or anything really. It’s kind of a shame I think!

  3. I have a new set of symptoms in the cold weather as well, but I can deal with them better than the hot weather ones! Yep, I don’t breathe as well, but then I had pneumonia 5 times this year…and like the person in that article said, the cough is hanging on. I do hope your horse feels better soon. Love your photo!

  4. I never thought of adding pumpkin spices to my coffee! I think your dizziness may have come from the weight loss?? Izz-lander! Stop — really?? I’m chuckling over that one! Hope the pony gets better. Rooting for ND reminds me that shortly after we were married, my husband told my father he hated ND (my dad was such a ND fan!) I told my husband that he’d go straight to hell for saying that. He-he, now he roots them on!

    • Pumpkin spice in the coffee is wonderful! When I was working and had pocket money, I would buy pumpkin spice lattes from the coffee shop… this is almost as good!

      Hating on ND is forbidden somewhere in the scriptures… it must be LOL

      I wish I could say the dizziness is from massive weight loss haha I’ve managed to lose 3 pounds this week… slow but steady progress

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