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if you are easily offended by religious matters, please stop reading here… this is my spot and i can discuss, rant, or BS about whatever i choose… i choose to never INTENTIONALLY offend anyone however, you are reading this at your own risk of offense… just sayin’ 

and if by chance you are offended… you should take some cultural diversity classes and learn some tolerance… i’m not going to be politically correct… get over it

part of life in this country is the wonderful mix of culture, belief, style… it gives such glorious taste sensations – wow the restaurant choices! we have the chance to mingle with, chit chat with, and learn about any culture in the world…. right here in our own country.. we don’t have to travel overseas to visit another culture…

because this country is such a melting pot… yes, melting pot… you would think that folks living here BY CHOICE – because we all live here BY CHOICE – well, one would think that we’d be witness to much more tolerance than we are… yes, i said tolerance… but instead of tolerance, people scream political correctness…and i say


this all stems from the fact that it is the CHRISTmas season.. CHRIST




sorry, i hope that it doesn’t cause you any great pain that i have the moxie, the balls, the gumption, and the nerve to post pictures of a religious symbol here… wait, um, no… i’m NOT sorry

i am so preturbed… bet you couldn’t tell could you?

CHRISTmas is not about Santa, or the reindeer, or the time off from school/work.. it is not about the tree or the presents… okay, we actually the gift giving has some roots in the birth of CHRIST… remember the 3 wise men who brought gifts to the CHRIST baby? uh huh

when one reads about the story of CHRISTMAS… and the traditions, one would find that the things all folks think of doing at the holiday season are based in the Christian tradition of CHRISTmas… even Santa Claus… jolly ol St. Nick… ever wonder why he’s called St. Nick???  because he was a real person.. a Preacher… and a CATHOLIC Saint… so… pffft

before we know it, some radical religious group that is trying to take over will demand that houses of worship take down all symbols displayed publicly… heaven forbid someone might drive by and be offended that there is a cross on the steeple… sheesh

CHRISTmas… it is a CHRISTIAN holiday… celebrating the birth of CHRIST… why is it that i cannot display a religious symbol in celebration of CHRISTmas? but it’s okay to display a menorah? i have no problem looking at or being exposed to symbols of other religions… this pisses me off…and so does this

i am in no way done.. but i’m stepping off this particular soap box for now… reckon before the CHRISTmas season is finished that you might hear from me again on this topic… imagine that!

and remember – no matter who is offended, no matter what the culture, religion, or twisted up thought process –



that’s what it’s all about… not time off, presents, eggnog, and beating each other up in a drunken family reunion ha!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  9 Responses to “pulling out a soapbox”

  1. It is indeed a strange time of the year. Christians are being told not to talk about their beliefs.

    The world is shouting, “WE WANT TO EMBRACE ALL FAITHS, but not Christians.”



    Anyway, I hear you Sherri. But we should not be surprised or dismayed. We know that this is all part of how it is going to go down. (That is Revelation loosely quoted.)

  2. merry chrhannkwanzeidsolstice!

  3. don’t forget us few Protestants in the family

    • oh yes! i should have said Christians and Jews LOL i tend to lump the Catholics and all other Christians in together… the premise is the same, only the rules are different 🙂 Love You Dad!

  4. Yeppers…Christmas = Christ. So Merry Christmas, and if you are not a christian and don’t celebrate the birth of Christ, then ohoh, ignore my words, but don’t tell me I don’t have a right to say them.


      i’m saying to everyone i meet… i refuse to say happy holidays… well, except for the jewish side of my family…

      if that’s not something… 1/2 my family is catholic, the other jewish….

  5. Preach on sista!
    Oh how I love your style!

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