Jun 172012

i’m laughing my ass off right now…. you see, anything at all can be justified in some way. sometimes, i think it’s  more fun to come up with a rational justification (or irrational) for something than it is to fix it… makes life much more entertaining anyway.

poor coach… he has no idea what to do with himself without any home repair/improvement projects to tackle. he has laid on his couch all weekend long… and not just in a normal laze around on the couch way either… he has pulled it out into the bed style… and he has propped himself up for the past 48 hours or so. i did manage to get his ass up long enough to run to the grocery store with me. oh and to help me carry some stuff out to the dumpster. i will have to get a picture one of these days…

he is so tall that he has to lay in a diagonal across the sofa bed… he has his head wedged up in the corner onthe arm thingy. he has a pillow across his belly with his laptop on top of that…. old fucker

as for me… i’ve been up and moving around some. i will confess that i did not put on any clothes – well, at least the sort of clothes that leave the front door – until tonight. couldn’t have me running to the laundry room in my nightie… wouldn’t go over well probably.

tow more weeks… that’s it…two more weeks… then we are flush once again…. ugh

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. This is meant to be a comment on your PSA post. Can’t figure out where to comment up there. Anywhooo, Now I’m laughing my ass off because just this “morning” at 1:30 pm I looked over at Ron lying across the messy bed and asked him how and when we became such slugs. Still have to read the history of this huge change in your lives. Hugs to you.

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